A Time For Hope

You can say God is “sanitizing” the earth, you can claim God is “punishing” the sinners, call it apocalypse, call it human mistake, whatever…
Believers pls get down from your high horse of self-righteousness and self-judgement and simply show mercy, show compassion and pray for the land. This is the time for the Church to arise and make a positive impact, to help not to criticise.
Christians and non-Christians have died because of this pandemic, and I weep for non-Christians because their chance of salvation is lost forever.

What have we done to help? How fervent have we prayed? We are called to be emissaries of peace, encouragement and hope in such hopeless times, not prophets of doom. Sickness and death brings gloom and doom, let’s not do their job for them. It’s time for a counter attack with words of hope, prayer and encouragement.

#prayforhealing #hopetotheworld #stayhomesavelives

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2020

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