Farewell, Daily Prompt. Fancy a Cuppa?


Suddenly I rolled up my sleeves abruptly, then I sat down to Observe the change of Tides in this unfolding drama. 

Before his Mentor, who was known as Mr. Blue Bubble, Jimmy Flaunted some recently completed works by his new band “The Rapid Rainbows” with such hearty Laughter, of excitement and achievement. 

Like a Rebel in the wild Forest Skewed to his soul’s Core with a Slight unfounded conspiracy theories and family Pedigrees, his mentor disapproved of the music, then he mentioned a Thin line of thought that Jimmy and his band may have been Infected with the Premature Complications of Narcissism and naivety. 

The moment became Awkward, all smiles Disappeared 

Meanwhile, Jasmine made a costly Assumption to which she refused to accept she was Guilty of. Apologies, were Archaic, she snubbed. She claimed that she was the Doppelgänger to the Famous Queen of England. To attend the wedding Ceremony of Prince Harry, she spent £30,000 on her 3 credit cards. Sitting Juxtaposed to the Queen on that day, she realised her vanity; she became Broken, contrite and… was later declared bankrupt. 

Retrospectively, I have enjoyed the daily prompts. I have met a lot of bloggers and have learnt a lot of new words. I will surely miss the daily prompts, hence this short piece using all the daily prompts for the month of May. 

Farewell, Daily Prompt. 
Shall we meet at Starbucks for a cup of latte? 😉

In Retrospect…


In retrospect,
The times I have grown more
The times I have learned more
The times I have experienced God more
They were the times when I went through turbulent seasons in life.

When on the verge of drowning
His hand drew me out from deep within,
When my faith tipped
His love quenched my fearful thoughts,
When uncertainty made my feet unsteady
His light shone brighter than ever,
When the waves rocked my boat
“Don’t be afraid”, He gently said;

In retrospect,
The more I was faint, feeble and weak,
Then, His strength made me stronger.


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Fight… Defend Your Future

Fight like a rebel
And reclaim what’s yours

Fight for your marriage
Defend your home
Fight for your children 
Defend their innocence 
Fight for your goals
Defend your future

Rebel against poverty
Fight against ungodliness 
Rebel against slavery
Fight against cancer
Rebel against child marriage
Fight against inhumanity

Stand your ground-
What we believe in
We will pursue after
What we don’t believe in
We usually give it up 


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Fight Like a Rebel


We don’t always go looking for a fight
But when they come
We take up our boxing gloves
We fight our fears like rebels
We refuse its intimidations
We stamp our authority vehemently 
To reclaim our future, our dreams
To reclaim ourselves 


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On A Mission…Praises


I am on a mission…
To proclaim His graciousness 
To extol His loving kindness 
To show forth His faithfulness 
To flaunt His goodness 

I let go my praises
I release my gratitude 

To tell of His unconditional love
On this mission, I am.


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Who told the stars to twinkle at night?
How did the babbling bubbly brook
Know its boundaries?
Who told Autumn to come after Summer?
Who affixed the great blue skies
Securely above, as if with a glue?

Who told the trees to breath in carbon?
And breath out oxygen?
Then who made man to breath in oxygen
And breath out carbon?

Who told the rains… the birds…



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The Horsemen



The tides are turning 
The horsemen are coming,
That which was once afar
That has caught up at last,
Folded tools to digging holes
Folded shirts to sweaty hands,
Hardy Horsemen!
Emissaries of Strength!
Bearing hope to feeble strides!
Bearing faith to doubtful hearts!
We waited, we prayed
We believed, we planned,
Time and his horsemen are coming
Harbingers of dreams come true;

We dared to believe in God
We dared to stand and fight 
We shall do our part 
When Time comes
Will surely do His part, Our God


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A River Runs Through Them

Walk with God

RivuletMark 16:17-18
New Living Translation (NLT)

17 These miraculous signs will accompany those who believe: They will cast out demons in my name, and they will speak in new languages. 18 They will be able to handle snakes with safety, and if they drink anything poisonous, it won’t hurt them. They will be able to place their hands on the sick, and they will be healed.

Raging, Rushing Rivulet of Love

Lord let Your Spirit wash over us,
Let it hit us like some mighty wall,
We pray it’s not just a rivulet
But a cleansing, healing waterfall,

Maybe we’ll be blessed with a gifting,
Signs and wonders that we can share,
It will pour over all who are watching
Brought on by a sweet and holy prayer,

And those who are held in bondage
Will suddenly be healed of it all,
The Spirit is mighty to rescue
Renewing the…

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T – Tempests Are Testimonies #AtoZ 2018


It’s quite ironical how we extract motivation from situations that are unfavourable.

We switch our minds and tone our thoughts towards survival instincts. Somewhere, somehow, from within; from our faith in God and in our self-confidence, we draw unflinching strength and poise.
We turn that negative situation into rocket fuel that catapults us to new possibilities, new heights, new realms and a whole newness of oomph.

At times, we cry and ask questions, seeking answers we know may not be there. But once we get back on our feet, we emerge like butterflies, out of their cocoon, ready to face the world, ready to emphatically stand our ground firm and strong.

Through these trials, tests, tempers and tempests, we discover our passion and many a times, our problems become our life ministries. Through pain, we discover purpose. Instead of staying defeated, we arise from the ashes and convert those cries, those rejections, wasted years, pain, hurt, etc. into philanthropistic ventures.
A book, a blog, a charity, a foundation, a school, an office, a new law or political inclinations many times are born out of adverse situations.

It’s not unusual.
It’s not vague.
It’s a human thing.
We want change.
We desire change.
We seek change.

Hence, it’s a pattern worthy of note that many of us, through God can and has turned our trials, tests, tempers and tempests into testimonies and testimonials.

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Day & Night


Parallel lines
Two straight liners that never meet
No matter how extensive they run

Life within Christ v Life without Christ
Spirituality v Carnality
Light v Darkness
Day v Night
Two parallel lifes that never mix
No matter how extensive life runs

We cannot serve God and mammon
Either we are for Christ or against Him
Either we walk with Him or not
There’s no middle ground or sitting on the fence

The kingdom of God and the kingdom of Darkness
Are two parallel lines that do not mix

“Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?
What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? Or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever?” 2 Corinthians 6:14-15


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Believe in YOURSELF
When no one believes in you
Celebrate YOURSELF
When no one celebrates you
Learn to appreciate YOURSELF
When no one appreciates you
Be honest to YOURSELF
When no one is honest with you
Be true to YOURSELF
When no one is true to you
No one owes you anything
But, you owe everything to YOURSELF

Do not fret,
Do not sweat
Do not cry,
You just have to try,


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Disrupt Me, I Plead


Disrupt my will
Teach me Yours Lord,
Disrupt my emotions
Teach me self-control,
Disrupt my stubbornness
Teach me to follow You,
Disrupt my desires
My heart pursues after Yours,
Disrupt my temperament
Let me be Spirit controlled
Disrupt my well-laid plans
Let Your Hands guide my path,
Disrupt me, Lord, I plead
Mould me to be like You

“I may not like it, it may seem unpleasant and discomforting; but I’m fully persuaded You mean well. For Your thoughts and plans for me are thoughts of peace, hope and a brighter future.”


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