One With The Stars

I am one with the stars
A specie from astral terrains
I am made to soar high
Higher than the eagles nest
Hence, my tent have I pitched
Far far above
Far far away, from
The shackles of mediocrity
And the snares of averageness

I will not downgrade myself
Nor shortchange my future
I cannot settle for anything lesser
Than who God made me to be


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018

If Love Had A Formula


What is love? How do we define love?
Is it just an emotional outburst?
Or a lifelong commitment?
What are the limits, the boundaries of love?
If love had a formula, what would it be?

Love is seeing the best in yourself
Love is seeing the beauty in others
Love is subjective
Everyone is lovable

Love is simple and complicated
Love is intriguing and intricate
Love is neither gullible nor suspicious
Love is not a quitter

Love is finding what makes someone happy
And doing just that
Love celebrates our strengths
Love ignites our passions
Love makes us human and humane

There is perfect rest, total trust and
True companionship in love
For true love, has no fear in it

Love believes, hopes and endures
Love is our cheerleader

If only love was straightforward,
If only love had a formula,
Fortunately so, there is no formula
For love is the secret formula for love

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
So is love

There is faith, there is hope, there is love
There is beauty, excellence, power
But love is the best of all
And love conquers all


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018

Give A Large Smile

Give a large smile
Pretend you don’t care
Lock the door
Change the locks
Unmask your heart
Stare at the mirrors
Deep from the core
Let out a scream
Beat your chest
Release the tears
For help and healing
To the Holy One
Who loves you eternally

Please, I insist


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018



Kings on barefoot
Subjects on horses

Worker bees make a feast
Queen bee hunts for honey

When meerkats roar
And cheetahs quiver

When self is enthroned
And the voice of God ignored…

Anomalies tend to become lifestyle when voices of reason are unheeded.


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018


We Are Trustees, We are Creatures


Emotions are different
(Fragments of thoughts) put together,
They are like (colours swirling) and turning within us,
Always (changing), never the same
Everyday, every hour (we are fighting a vortex) of emotions, fighting their overwhelming pull into a vortex of self-centredness,
It’s our constant (tug of war),
We secretly but desperately look around (in furtive glances)
(Searching for sympathisers), for helpers, for anyone who can empathise with our struggles,
But most of the times (alone, we are)
Trying to be human, trying our best to stay loyal, truthful, selfless and (committed to choices) that we face every day.

But the secret to choosing the right emotions and reasonings, is to remember that (we are trustees of our mundane hearts) and lifes. We are stewards of our lifes on earth and this should guide us in making the right choices.

We are creatures,
Created to make the right choices,
Created to serve God through serving others.

Notes: To understand this post, please refer to my previous poem Trustees of A Mundane Heart.


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018


Trustees of A Mundane Heart


Fragments of thoughts,
Colours swirling,
We are fighting a vortex,
A tug of war,
In furtive glances

For sympathisers;
Alone, committed to

Trustees of a mundane heart,
We are.


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018



Children sometimes profusely asks,
They never get tired;
Yet, this word produces in us
A bitter taste the older we get;

Children wonder about everything
But adults wonder about specifics-
Love, pain, suffering, hope,
Adults ask and worry about tomorrow;

Sometimes, “Why?” has an answer,
Sometimes, no answer at all exists,

At such times,
Let us stop worrying
Let us start trusting;

Not worrying about tomorrow,
But trusting that our tomorrow,
Is in the safe, steady Hands of God.


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018

Tempest Tossed


Tempest tossed
I am overwhelmed,
Hassles brewing around me
Wondering, worrying what will be,
Broken, bruised, I fall to my knee
Seeking from this pain to be free,
Then I hear a still small voice
Saying, “My child rejoice”,
I am always on your side
All you need, I will provide,
You are safe in My palms
In the hollow of My hands.



Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018


See How Far We’ve Come


See how far we’ve come,
You were my first crush,
I was your first love.

Silver, gold or
Treasures, I want not,
Though days be cold
Or nights very hot
With you by my side
Now and always, my friend,
I will tackle on life
I will be brave to the end.

See how years have gone past,
I am your love heart,
You are my sweetheart.


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018

Seas and Sails


Seas and sails
Skies and stars
Horizons afar
Our hearts adore
Break the routine
Explore the new
Fire in my soul
Fire for change
Take a flight
Untie the sails

Success favours the brave
Success favours those who dared to risk

silence at sea

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018

Put A Bow On The Rain


Put a bow on the rain,
Bid the floods farewell,
Say to the sun, “Spring up!”

Add silver linings to clouds;

A spoonful of hope,
A spice of sanguine,
A sprinkle of love,

Stir, stir; believe, believe;

A blink, another blink,
A thousand sleeps,
And when dreams come true,

Dance like no one is watching.


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018

Evoke – A Love Tale

The more he thought about her,
The more he realised
She was more than a friend to him,
She was his saviour,
She was his angel from God;
The thought of her evoked nothing more
Than sweet wonderful memories
Of a future they will spend together

But first, he has to pop the question…


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018


The Brave Incy Wincy


“Incy Wincy spider climbs up the spout
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain
And Incy Wincy spider climbed up the spout again”
(Nursery Rhymes)

Up Incy went
Down the rain came
Down Incy went
Up the sun came
Up Incy went….

And on and on and on it went
Till all the rains had gone away
Then out the sun came and stayed
And Incy went up and up and up
And stayed up

Brave Incy Wincy never quit
Brave Incy Wincy never gave up
Be like the brave Incy Wincy
Be not a quitter

“The duration of the incessant rains never stops the sun from shining thereafter”


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018

Kiss Away My Tears

Kiss away my tears,
Waltz off my fears,
Bid farewell to your
Sentimental allergies,

Search my soul,
And find,
The open book,
My emotions;

Hunt for them,
You will know
Who I am,
What I love;
You will find me,


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018

The Question

Writers Envy

What I fear most when I appear at the gates of Heaven is a question:
“My son, why did you kill the sparrow?”

I raised my BB gun and aimed;
At the end of the cold steel barrel
sat the sparrow singing its song
of joy, and happiness, and innocence;
I pulled the trigger and let fly the BB;
The golden pellet raced through the space
of a moment and entered the sparrow’s
soft, downy white breast and raised
a puff of tiny, fluffy feathers;
Then time slowed to a motion so fluid
I could see the tiny red spot appear
and spread on that harmless, flawless
Then my world grew quiet when the singing
stopped as Life flew from the tiny breast,
And I grew somber as I watched the
little bird fall dead from its perch and lay
lifeless on the cold, hard dirty surface of

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Making Memories, Making Mistakes

90899EE4-970A-416F-86F5-AF51AE615DA6Sing your last songs
Dance into the night
Write your sweet poems
Let words take flight

Another year ran away,
Hear, her sister comes,
Riding fast on the wings of Hope
Many people await her coming

We cried, we danced, we loved,
We lived, we played, we fought
We believed, we prayed, we dreamt
We worked, we searched, we slept

Finally we shall sleep again tonight
To honour the last sleep of the year
To wake up to many rosy days,
Many thorny days; to wake up, alive

Finally we bid farewell to yesterday
But not to its bittersweet memories
Gallantly, we ride into the morrow,
Into the New Year, our New Hope

To do that which we always do,
Growing old and growing wiser;
Making memories, making mistakes,
Learning from them.


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017