A Decade is Born

Wintry breeze lingers on
An old year drifts away
A sunlit dawn breaks forth
Into a new decade

Promises made
Hearts broken
Dreams came true
Hopes dimmed
Sweet and sour memories
A decade gone forever
Into the abyss of time

Yet time permits again
Time for new promises
New dreams, new hopes
New opportunities
Time to make it work

Mother knows best
Mother brings new life
Stretch forth your wings
Make haste and take flight
The sky is no limit
To one who can dream again
Start afresh, start anew

Hope reborn
New life is here
A new decade is born

Happy New Year!!

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Why is water wet?
What are shadows made of?
Who can sleep with the moon?
What is the colour of the wind?
Why is the sun yellow?
Why do men fall sick?
Why do men die?
Why? Why? Why?

Everyday we ask questions
Everyday we are seeking answers
We may not have ALL the answers
But we have an assurance
A godly Hope
Of life in Christ and
Life eternity with Him
We are assured He will answer us
When we see Him face to face

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It is the silver shaft of sun breaking
through the storm-darkened sky

It is the words of comfort
in the Intensive Care Unit

The first spring bird
perched on a snow-covered twig

The finished line in sight

It is a rainbow, a song,
A loving touch

Hope is knowing God
and resting in His love

Notes from NIV Life Application Study Bible page 1480

Beautiful & inspirational, isn’t it?

Shalom 🌹🌹

Faith or Fear

They didn’t cry
Neither did they fret
They didn’t blame each other
They supported each other
Doubt and fear lurked at every corner
The dark cell magnified their situation
Death was just hours away;
Their backs against the wall
Their faith was tested to the very limit
Paul and Silas were helpless in themselves
Yet they trusted in the Lord
As their faith stood strong,
Hymns and prayers was all they had
And that was all they gave to Him

Suddenly, the prison doors flew open
Every chain fell to the ground
And God gave them victory!

In this dark hour
When all hope and help seems lost
And your faith is extremely tried
What do you have to give
To the Breaker of Chains?
What will you do?
What will you give in to?
Faith or fear?

(See Acts 16:25-34)

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

Stand Up & Fight

A life worth living
Is a life worth fighting for
Don’t be afraid you will lose the fight
Don’t be afraid of the fight
Don’t be afraid of failing
Be terrified of never trying
Be terrified of the regrets of
“What would have happened if I tried?”

Martin Luther King Jnr fought
Martin Luther the Reformist fought
Mose fought
David fought
Peter fought
The early Church fought
Jesus Christ died fighting

They all fought, some died fighting and some didn’t. But they fought for what they believed in and they all won even though some of them were not around to see the results of their fight.

Don’t be afraid to fight!

Don’t run away from the fight because others did.
Don’t back down because others failed.
Your storyline is different and your end would likely be different. But how would you know what the end holds if you back down now and quit.

So fight!
Fight for your dreams, for your health,
Fight for your family, for your children.
Fight for your career, for your future.
Fight for your life!
Don’t give in to fear.

My story
I have been afraid to fail again because I failed twice.
I have been afraid to try because of my past mistakes.
My fear crippled me and held me bound.
Then I asked myself, how many times did Thomas Edison failed?
I will fight! I will not be afraid to fail.
I’m breaking out from this bondage of fear.
I will stand my ground!
I will stand up!
I will stand firm!
And fight for what I believe, what I am passionate about because I believe it’s worth fighting for! And I know who I am!

“I’m no longer a slave to fear
I am a Child of God” (Jonathan & Melissa Helser)

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

Finally, Focus On Your Own Journey

Focus on your own journey
Have a healthy competition
Don’t be obsessed with been better
Don’t despise those you are better than
Don’t be arrogant because you are better
Don’t be timid because you’re not better
Every one is on their own journey

On this journey of life,
There will always be winding roads,
Slopes, roundabouts and turns
Traffic hold ups and traffic lights
Hazard lights and accidents
Don’t let these deter, discourage or derail you
Life is never a smooth journey
Life is never a straight course

And so I tell myself,
Focus on your own journey
Get to your own destination
Complete your own targets
Achieve your own goals

Bumps and traffic lights come and go
But the car that keeps driving
Always gets to its destination

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

Focus On Your Own Journey (3)

Faster cars overtook me
I also overtook slower cars
But I was bothered why
Certain cars could overtake me
I have come to realise this-
In the game of driving
It’s all about
Overtaking and been overtaken
A car will always be in front of you
Another will always be behind you.
No firsts or lasts.
Then a voice said to me,

“In the journey of life, some will be better and ahead of you, you will be better and ahead of others. No firsts no lasts. Each joins the queue immediately they are born into the journey of life. Each joins when their own time comes”

I continued my journey

(To be continued)

Bumps and traffic lights come and go
But the car that keeps driving
Always gets to its destination 

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve

Focus On Your Own Journey (2)

Another car drove past me.
I followed it on a steady pace.
It took the same route I would have taken,
We seemed to be going in the same direction,
After 7 minutes, the car took a left turn,
I followed it and went left too.
I had to stop.
That was not my own route.
Then a voice said to me,

“Follow other cars when you can. Learn how they tackle bumps. But have the courage to stop and say ‘No’ when their journey deviates from yours.
Focus on your own journey”

I reversed and continued on my journey.

(To be continued)

Bumps and traffic lights come and go
But the car that keeps driving
Always gets to its destination 

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

Focus On Your Own Journey (1)

Driving on the motorway
Hitting 60miles per hour,
Suddenly a car sped past me
Honked me, indirectly saying,
“Move away slow snail”
I reacted.
I increased my speed.
I must retake my position from him!
The more I sped, the more he did!
He veered into the first lane.
A cross junction. Traffics lights.
Red lights. We stopped.
Amber! Green!
Now my time has come,
To quickly hit the gas, but
He turned left and continued his trip.
Anticlimactic emotions.
Then a voice said to me,

“Stop worrying about those who are not on the same journey with you. Drive your own car.
Focus on your own journey.”

I continued my journey

(To be continued)

Bumps and traffic lights come and go
But the car that keeps driving
Always gets to its destination

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

A Journey of a Thousand Steps

It’s amazing how Little grows
To become so Many
When Time is permitted to excel
And Consistency thrives
When Willingness is the
Daily companion
And Sacrifice embraced
When we conquer our Fears
And step out in Faith
When small steps of Passion
Becomes a life of fulfilled Dreams

Look at that Child
She is crawling on her fours
Give her 15 years,
A teenager painting her nails
See that tiny seed of Hope
Incognito, as it were
Give it 15 years
Clients and business cards

It’s amazing how Little grows
To become so Many
With a little bit of
“I believe I can do it”
“I will try and do it”

A journey of a thousand steps begins with a step.

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

Don’t Stop Believing

Don’t stop believing in yourself.
Don’t stop believing in God
Who makes all things possible
And beautiful in His time.

Don’t stop believing
In your dream,
In who you truly want to be.

All around you
A ton of brick walls,
Nothing seems to work,

All you have now is nothing
But your faith,

Hold on to that faith

Don’t let it go
Don’t stop believing in yourself

Dream. Desire. Achieve

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

I Am… Goodheart

I am Obioma meaning Goodheart
I love to plan and organise
I do events planning, pro bono or paid
I am an artist, I create things
My latest are a fruit platter display and a nappy baby pram
I design flyers for events,
I like to draw and design in colours
I have a keen eye for details
I notice little things that many overlook
I love taking pictures, I love photography
I think selfies were discovered because of me

I am a lawyer, I love been a lawyer
I specialise in immigration matters
I love learning and discovering new things
I am highly inquisitive and exploratory
I am tech savvy, I experiment a lot with gadgets
I like to know how things actually work
I love speed, I love driving
I am a huge fan of Formula One
I love badminton and athletics
I am huge fan of Velodrome cycling
I love dancing and I dance a lot
I danced so much whilst pregnant,
Three days later, my baby pooped out!
I am an a expert with scrabbles
Try me, I will beat you, it’s not a joke
I love crosswords and sudoku
I love writing – poems and stories
I love expressing my thoughts through words

I like to talk, I like people who talk
But I like to listen and observe more
I love music and I love singing
I sing a lot, in the car or in the kitchen
I have a very good ear for music
I am a mother to two beautiful children
I love everything about them
I am a wife to one handsome dude
I am head over heels in love with him
I love my Jesus and I love His Word
He is my King, my Lord and great Friend
The best gift I’ve ever received
I am beautiful, gorgeous and classy
I am bossy, sensitive and friendly
I am successful, I am promising,
I am a hardworking mompreneur

I am a special child of God
I am Obioma or Goodheart
I am a daughter of Grace
Today I celebrate my womanhood
Today I celebrate who God made me to be
Today I celebrate myself

Happy International Women’s Day… to me

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Then The Rains Came

Spring is here!
But the rains came today too
It started out a sunny day
It ended up wet and rainy
And so is life

Does it mean Spring is gone?
Does it mean the sun rays are hidden forever?
Will the rain make Spring go away
For good? No
And so is life

We may set up goals, plans and projects
We were hopeful in January
We had faith, we believed
But… rain is here, in March
Set backs, disappointments, failings

It’s not time to hang up that dream
It’s not time to press that quit button
A little rain cannot stop Spring
Neither can a setback stop you
Life is in seasons; Spring, Summer…

And so is your life

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

Starting Over

Every day is a day to start over
Why am I waiting for tomorrow

Every day is an opportunity
To look past the mistakes
Of the yesterday

Every day is a gift
Wrapped with ribbons of time
Waiting to be explored 

Every day is a God-given grace
To walk on sandy beaches again
And set our dreams to reality

Every day is for us to enjoy
Knowing that despite the rain
God’s love will shine on us again


Copyrights ©dreamdesireachieve 2018

Untie The Package

Big Gift

Untie the package
Live the dream
Drive through the years
Life is a gift

When the engine fails
And the brakes stop
Fix your dreams
Don’t abandon the car

And when you have done
All you need to do
Learn to sleep
When the night comes

Somehow, someway
It always gets better
When joy comes
In the morning

#fix your dreams

Copyrights ©dreamdesireachieve 2018

Fight… Defend Your Future

Fight like a rebel
And reclaim what’s yours

Fight for your marriage
Defend your home
Fight for your children 
Defend their innocence 
Fight for your goals
Defend your future

Rebel against poverty
Fight against ungodliness 
Rebel against slavery
Fight against cancer
Rebel against child marriage
Fight against inhumanity

Stand your ground-
What we believe in
We will pursue after
What we don’t believe in
We usually give it up 


Copyrights ©dreamdesireachieve 2018

Fight Like a Rebel


We don’t always go looking for a fight
But when they come
We take up our boxing gloves
We fight our fears like rebels
We refuse its intimidations
We stamp our authority vehemently 
To reclaim our future, our dreams
To reclaim ourselves 


Copyrights ©dreamdesireachieve 2018