Sparkling Peach

FFDD3935-30E0-4423-B8C8-A8BFBFD049E8  Standing tall, you impose

F87E2C53-7CFE-4274-A3F6-540595EB5F3A  A quenching toast, you disclose

3E9E0B2F-E005-4755-A5AF-39F76C81782F  Towering high, you repose

176691E3-2537-4328-BB35-E93C93313276  Like a mirror, exposed

1B805F8B-32A8-4E41-AAEA-31BD22768BD9  Sparkling peach, for you a poem, I compose

Liquids and angles. Photo taken with iPhone 7 Plus on Christmas Day. The wine is Schloer non-alcoholic drink.

#Weekly Photo Challenge 


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And Then There Was Snow…

Chilly winds from Russia brought in snow this morning. The snow stormed our roofs and patted our door posts. Feast your eyes on some of the wonderful shots I took from different angles with iPhone 7. They were simply too beautiful to ignore and the photographer in me could not be contained.❄️❄️😊😊

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018