I’ve Got A Friend… In You?


A good friend shows you where to buy pizza
A great friend teaches you how to make pizza
A best friend patiently makes the pizza with you

The journeys of life are more pleasant and memorable when we have someone to walk through those journeys with us.


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K – Knowledge is Kinetic #AtoZ 2018


Knowledge is kinetic
Endless streams of data
Dynamic, constantly evolving
Core of human existence
Break the chains of ignorance
Liberation is power!
Information is life!
Don’t be left behind because
Flowing waters never grow stale
But, stagnant waters stink with time
And so does the human mind…

Knowledge is kinetic


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Photo of the Day #3 – The Exotic



Birds of paradise 

#Photo of the Day

#God’s awesome masterpiece 

credit (flower)

credit (bird)

“Everywhere I go I see You right there; In the beauty of nature You shine all around,
For You are everything and everything is You; Precious Jesus, a wonderful wonder You are” (Nathaniel Bassey – Lovesong)