Roses on Thorns

He who goes to pluck roses
Must get ready to be pricked

Today I trimmed the roses in my garden. Despite my best efforts to stay out the thorns’ way, I got pricked several times. Looking at them now, I can appreciate their beauty and elegance. However , I learned two valuable lessons from the task.

1. It is foolhardy to embark in a project or get involved with things without thinking of the underlying consequences. If one must succeed, we have to count the cost of what it would take to achieve our venture.

Starting something without proper evaluation of what lies ahead is the same as attempting to pluck a rose flower without due consideration to the thorns around it.

2. Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers on earth with a cool sweet fragrance. But to pick those roses is not a job for the lily-livered. You must learn how to navigate the prickly razor-sharp thorns. Hence, despite been pricked, I carried on with the job until I got my roses.

Watching them as they beautifully adorned my living room gave me so much joy and great sense of accomplishment. Even my children were ecstatic about them.

For anything worth doing, for any rose worth picking, there will always be the thorns and tussles of life. Discouragements and disappointments are bound to occur. To achieve what you set out to do, you must set your eyes on the prize. Stop at nothing, let no thorn stop you until you have your “roses”.

And when you finally achieve your goal, sit down and enjoy that awesome joy and sense of accomplishment.

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I Am… Goodheart

I am Obioma meaning Goodheart
I love to plan and organise
I do events planning, pro bono or paid
I am an artist, I create things
My latest are a fruit platter display and a nappy baby pram
I design flyers for events,
I like to draw and design in colours
I have a keen eye for details
I notice little things that many overlook
I love taking pictures, I love photography
I think selfies were discovered because of me

I am a lawyer, I love been a lawyer
I specialise in immigration matters
I love learning and discovering new things
I am highly inquisitive and exploratory
I am tech savvy, I experiment a lot with gadgets
I like to know how things actually work
I love speed, I love driving
I am a huge fan of Formula One
I love badminton and athletics
I am huge fan of Velodrome cycling
I love dancing and I dance a lot
I danced so much whilst pregnant,
Three days later, my baby pooped out!
I am an a expert with scrabbles
Try me, I will beat you, it’s not a joke
I love crosswords and sudoku
I love writing – poems and stories
I love expressing my thoughts through words

I like to talk, I like people who talk
But I like to listen and observe more
I love music and I love singing
I sing a lot, in the car or in the kitchen
I have a very good ear for music
I am a mother to two beautiful children
I love everything about them
I am a wife to one handsome dude
I am head over heels in love with him
I love my Jesus and I love His Word
He is my King, my Lord and great Friend
The best gift I’ve ever received
I am beautiful, gorgeous and classy
I am bossy, sensitive and friendly
I am successful, I am promising,
I am a hardworking mompreneur

I am a special child of God
I am Obioma or Goodheart
I am a daughter of Grace
Today I celebrate my womanhood
Today I celebrate who God made me to be
Today I celebrate myself

Happy International Women’s Day… to me

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I Know Who I Am – I Am A Woman of God

If there’s one thing I’m happy about
I’m happy I’m a girl or… a woman
I love to dress up, heels and all
I love to make up, mascara and all
Matching shoes and bag is my thing
I love fashion and I like looking trendy
I love pink, purple, blue, green and red
I love to nurture, to care, to love
I love roses, cards and chocolates
I may not like period pains
I may cry over labour pains
I may have crushes and heartbreaks
I may not have a pointed nose,
A curvy shape or blue eyes
But I’m a girl, I’m a woman
I’m a sister, I’m a daughter,
I’m a mother, I’m a wife…
I know who I am
That’s who God made me
That’s who I am,
And I’m proud it is so

Happy International Women’s Day to every woman out there 👠👠👗👒💝💝

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Quill Commander Award by Dronstad


🌺Now let’s begin.
The purpose of this award is to promote patriotism. Along with it, this reward is created to unify bloggers from different countries through tolerance and appreciation of their nationality. We are already unified by our love for writing and reading, so this is a token of that love.

🌺 Roll of Honours
I feel honoured and privileged for getting nominated for another award by the lovely Ankita. She has uniqueness and freshness in her writing, a peachy inspirational lady that writes in such a way that draws you deeper into a coven of thoughts and reflections. I would encourage you all to visit her beautiful blog.

🌺The rules are as follows:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link of their blog
2. List the rules of the award
3. Post a photo of your National flag and anthem
4. Leave a favorite quote
5. Nominate a few loyal bloggers

🌺(Optional rules: General Dronstad is the creator of this award. You can link him to the Award, and decorate your blog with the “Dronstad Wings” 😀😀)

🌺 Below is my favourite verse


🌺Below is a photo of my National Flag and Anthem.


🌺 I follow a lot of wonderful blogs with rich and beautiful content. Nevertheless, my strategy for the nomination is based on blogs with lower follower-ship. Hence, I nominate:

🌺 Covert Novelist

🌺 All About Me LP

🌺 Walk With God

🌺 Clumsy and Silly

🌺 Bajezen

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Moving Away?


Lots of furniture to pack,
Lots of junk throw away,
Lots of items for charity
Lots of lost items to find again
After countless days of frantic searches
Blaming everyone but yourself
Then simply giving up while pining inside;
Old toys, old shoes, old clothes,
Memories relived;
Letters, old books, boxes everywhere
You plan, you pack, you organise, you faint
You never know how much stuff you have till you start moving.
You never know how much junk you have till you start moving.

Moving is hectic and stressful,
Moving is fun and daunting.
But then, what in life isn’t?
Except eating a bowl of chicken nuggets and chips

This daily prompt reminded me of my experience when we relocated to a new home 4 years ago. Following my last post, I was greatly inspired to use my own sketches, hence the featured sketch above using Picture Collage. 😊


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My Mother’s Gele


My African scarf,
My mother’s “gele,”

Made in various hues,
Red, orange or blue,

Firmly wrapped,
Round and round
Until firm and still,

It’s not a beret,
It’s not for a ballet,

A special scarf it is,
Patterned, indigenous indeed,
Intentionally large and colourful,
Bold, trendy and beautiful,

My culture
My heritage
My Africa



Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017


Season Of Hope: Down The Foggy Road

Unsure steps,
Unclear path,
A winding foggy course,
Wait! A light!
A glimmer of hope?
Sadly, not so!

It may not be Your will,
I’m guessing Your answer is “No”
“I need Your strength,Lord”
To receive Your will, to move on,
And to accept Your choice for me,
Whatever it turns out to be”,

“I know that when You say, “No”,
You always have something better planned”

Daily Prompt: Foggy

To understand the import of this poem, take a look at my other poems on Seasons of Hope. These seasons are glimpse of my current experience with God. If you are going through seasons, I pray we will all find the strength in God to remain faithful in Him and shine through Him. Amen.

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Cup of Tea or… Coffee?

Cup of tea,
Or cup of coffee?
No caffeine,
No decaf,




Hot chocolate?
Or cold chocolate?



Dog person
Or cat person?
No doggy hairs,
No furry cuddles,
No pets zone.




Pints of beer
Or cigarette puffing?
Never tasted alcohol,
Never took a puff,
Christ in me.



Indoor person,
Or outdoor person?
Certified hermit.

Chocolate ice cream
Or vanilla ice cream?
Definitely vanilla.




A movie person,
Or a book worm?




A thrilling scroll, or
An espionage movie,
A warm chocolate drink,
Or a vanilla ice cream,
Snuggled on the sofa,
That is surely,
My cup of tea.
Anytime, any day.

Daily Prompt: Tea

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The Back of the Sofa

Whenever I brush the back of the sofa,
It’s always full of surprises,
Forgotten toys, coins, socks,
Crumpled paper, lego blocks, etc
The longer I put it off,
The more clutter it gathers;
In the dirt and the clutter,
I always find something,
I’ve been searching for a while;

Life, like the back of the sofa,
Is always full of surprises,
We have to keep living, keep believing,
Keep dreaming, keep searching,
Because surprises,
And the unexpected,
Could deliver to our doorsteps,
Something we’ve been searching,
Dreaming and hoping for.

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017




Season of Hope: His Strength is Enough









You must think I’m strong
To give me what I’m going through

I know I’m fighting to stay on
Buy my little strength is ebbing away

Everyone expects me to be strong
But I can’t hold it in much longer

So if there’s a strength You see in me
Open my understanding, help me find it

I just want to let out a scream
Not out of faith or for fear

But to release all my emotions
All my musings and brooding

To the One who cannot be broken
So He can bind me up again

I hear Matthew West on the radio
“I can do all things
Through Christ who gives me strength
I don’t have to be strong enough”

Yes, I don’t have to be strong enough
Because His strength is enough

Poet’s notes:
I’m personally going through a season of challenges and setbacks. I’m using this series- Season of Hope to unveil my thoughts and prayers to God. Let God do as He deems fit.

Next: Season of Hope: Give Me Wisdom

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What’s In A Bag of Crisps?

What’s in a pack of crisps?
Baked potatoes, salt, etc
What’s in a pack of crisps?
I’m not sure but,
I think there’s something inside it
That makes it so appealing to kids
And their sugar-coated tastebuds
But then,
Crisps are salted, so
What’s in a pack of crisps?
I don’t know, I wish I do

But what I do know is this-
Most children love crisps,
My children absolutely, definitely
Emphatically, categorically love crisps

My toddler, enjoying a pack of crisps, relaxed, with his leg on the table.

When the tantrums scream
Or the sad faces sulk
When there’s a fight for toys
Or whose tv channel to watch
Out and about on a sunny day
Or during the sermon in the church
When all my hugging and all my cooing
Doesn’t seem to appease
I pop out a bag of crisps
And suddenly, all is well
Then I can talk and reason
As they listen in silence
And munch their crisps

What’s in a pack of crisps
That makes it so appealing to kids
I really would like to know

Daily Prompt: Crisp

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

I was just thinking about this words this afternoon as I gave my little one this bag of crisps. Then I saw today’s prompt- what perfect timing! So while he ate his crisps, I wrote my poem😊

My Manchester- Together We Stand

Mayhem broke loose, youngsters crying
Families desperate for answers, for help
The injured smeared in blood; in pain, and helpless;
My city in shock, confusion and disarray
Bodies scattered, life oozing out sadly so
Emergency services in frantic redemptive scurries
Eyewitnesses recounting the horror

Don’t go to school, there may a suicide attack
Don’t go to church, there may a suicide attack
Don’t go to a concert…
Don’t go to a football match…
Don’t go to town…
Don’t go to the mall…
Don’t go to the work…
Don’t go to anywhere… there may a suicide attack
We must not allow ourselves to live in fear
Fear leads to bondage and unhealthy distrust

A war of twisted ideologies and religious fanaticism
Undermining our usual way of living and existence
How do you combat such extremism and radicalism?
How do you fight such war?

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

At 12:50am this morning, I got a distant call from one of our family friends in Nigeria, he called to make sure we were safe. I was confused, and asked him why he asked. He said, “There’s been an attack on Manchester it’s on the news”. I tuned on BBC News and witnessed the terror as shock spread across my face and tears welled up my eyes. Young children screaming in panic, parents searching for their children… all these was happening in my town.

How do we wage war on twisted ideologies? It’s a mind game. How do you know what people are thinking about? And sometimes like this one, it’s calculated, planned and purposely executed. How do you prevent such attacks?

As you read this, please remember our city in your prayers. In the words of our Mayor Andy Burnham, “We are grieving, we are strong, we are together.”

God bless you! God bless Manchester! God bless the United Kingdom!

One Year Already!

It’s one year already! One year since I joined this platform and wrote my first post. How time flies. What can I say? Isn’t God faithful?

One year blogging
One year thinking
One year reading
One year posting
One year writing
One year liking
One year commenting
One year following
One year daily prompts
One year photo challenges
One year discovering me
One year knowing thee

And many more years of doing it again and again,
Many more years to achieve my dreams and aspirations.
Thank you for been a part of my story.
Danke. Merci. Grazie. Dalu. Gracias.
Thank you.

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017
Every dream you desire, can be achieved. 
You just need to start…


The Goddess of Justice

Sculptured and affixed on the cold hard rock
A dark gray statue stands strong and fearless
The Prosecutor to the wrongdoer and lawbreaker
The Defender for the oppressed and aggrieved
An indomitable symbol of justice and equity

Always and forever blindfolded with a dark gray cloth
A symbol of fairness, objectivity and impartiality
Blind to any apparel, status, money or wealth
Her judgments are based on *audi alteram partem
She rules without fear, favour or sycophancy

On her right hand rests her mighty sword
A symbol of power, authority and legal strength
To destroy oppression, injustice and anarchy
To establish equity, justice and the rule of law
Obey her laws or face the wrath of the sword
She who holds the sword rules the land

On her left hand, she holds pale brown scales
A symbol of just balance and a fair weight
To weigh the veracity of all affidavits, facts and figures
On a balance of probabilities, beyond reasonable doubt
She decides every case based on the tilts of the scales

Sculptured and affixed on the cold hard rock…
She is the leading lady of the law
She is Lady Justice or the Goddess of Justice

Daily Prompt: Gray, Roots

*This poem is written to share with you a little bit about my roots.

*Audi alteram partem is the principle of fair hearing in law. It means “let the other side be heard”. It implies that for the courts to achieve fair hearing, the two sides of the case must be heard. The plaintiff and the defendant must be heard before a case is concluded. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to this rule.

*You will find the statue of Lady Justice in front of many law offices or buildings.

*In the featured picture above, the lady on the left is me during my final year as a law student in 2005. The buildings behind were our law lecture halls, in UNEC, Enugu, Nigeria.

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Beautiful Soul

One glance at your face
One look into your eyes
They tell me your story
They narrate your tale
No hideouts, no veils
As clear as the day
I hear your cheery laughs
I hear your gentle voice
But one look into your eyes
I see something extraordinary
I see your beautiful soul

Daily Prompt: Hideout

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