Footsteps in the Dark #3

After some safe distance on the road, she glanced behind again and was assured to know she wasn’t followed even though the sheer thought of walking down a lonely road in the dark etched some growing concerns in the corners of her mind.

Her running now reduced to a walk she thought- “Where am l?, What am I doing here?” Her recollections was of no help. She purposely glanced around her as if in search of anything familiar but nothing made sense to her. She was faced with a stretch of an isolated road marked with long trees and heavily lowly branches along the sides. And that constant howling of the wind didn’t help soothe her fears.

If only she could find some shelter to rest her aching feet, but unfortunately none seemed in sight. About 10 minutes later even though it seemed like eternity to her, she heard the sound of a car approaching behind her. She looked behind and saw the flashlights getting nearer. Contemplating whether to wave or not, but compelled by hunger for food, thirst for water, and some form of shelter for her fatigued body, she couldn’t resist waving the car down.

The car stopped beside her, a man was driving with an older lady at the back. “Please can I get ride to the nearest gas station or grocery store? She asked them. “Oh definitely darling, hop in” replied the woman smiling at her. The lady seemed nice but what if they knew the dark figure in the forest? What if they are his accomplices? Can she trust them? Countless valid questions but her mind was too tired to process them. She will take her chances and with that she closed the door as she went inside the car, hence not spotting that hint of a split-second mischievous grin on the driver’s face.
(To be continued)

Daily Prompt: Water, Darkness, Knackered

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Footsteps in the Dark #2

She struggled to keep still her quivery mouth and trembling hands as she continued to run. At some distance ahead of her, she saw a glimpse of light and this propelled her with a renewed boost of adrenaline and energy to keep running.

The steps behind her increased and got nearer and nearer. The glimmer of light also grew larger; if only she had wings to fly away from this dark forest, more so from her assailant, she wished.

She suddenly felt cold hands grip her shoulders very hard and shudders ran through her spine. She struggled, wriggled and fought hard to shrug it off as she screamed, “Help! Help! Someone help!!”.

Amidst that in some split seconds she caught a glimpse of her assailant- he was a tall towering figure, wearing dark gloves, a black hooded gown and hiding behind a dark grotesque mask.

With all the strength she could muster, she gave him a very hard kickback that aimed for his groin. He groaned and crouched in pain inevitably releasing her. Seizing the opportunity, she leapt out of the darkness and into the light of the full moonlight, unto a long stretch of tarmac road.

Quickly and apprehensively, she glanced behind to make sure he wasn’t following her. He wasn’t but she did spot his dark sinister eyeballs peeking through his hideous mask. He was sternly glaring at her via a little space in between leaves, with an apparent malicious intent.
(To be continued)

Daily Prompt: Struggle

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Crimson Porch

Chapter 3

“Help! Help!” “Somebody help me!”

The voice of someone screaming for help jolted me out of my evening daydreaming. It sounded like my next door neighbour. I frantically found my door keys, unlocked the door and charged out from my house with my front door left ajar, I aimed towards my neighbour’s house.

Dear Lord!! Discovered her on the porch floor soaked in her own blood! Her hand feebly clenching her stomach to stop her bleeding.

“Help…me…help …… me..” She pleaded, she was losing consciousness. I’ve got to act fast!

“Don’t worry dear, you’ll be fine” I offered a weak consolation that could not conceal my shock and horror as I reached into my jeans pocket for my phone to ring 911. Oh my days! I left my phone in my house!!!

As I ran back to get my phone, countless thoughts raced through my head. What happened? Who did this? Burglars? Her partner? Her stepdaughter? A vengeful client? How? Why? What??

In response to the daily prompt: Countless

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Footsteps in the Dark


The trees stood dead still and the dry yellow leaves rustled under her feet as she made her way through the path. The mourning of the wind haunted her as the evening sun bid farewell to the sky. Her heart pounded louder than the drums of a Zumba beat. The stillness and quietness of this path sent chillness to her bones. She increased her steps to move faster when…

Suddenly, she heard footsteps some distance behind her. She stopped and listened but heard nothing. It must be her fears toying with her imagination. She carried on and there again, she heard the same steps. Her hairs froze with fright. “Who’s there?”, she called out with a quavering voice but the only response she got was the howlings of the wind.

Adrenaline pumping through her veins, she sped off running as fast as her legs could carry her. She almost was certain she was been chased after as the rustles of the leaves behind her increased as well. Tears streamed down her face and dreadful thoughts coursed through her thoughts. All she could mutter underneath her breath was, “Please don’t hurt me! Please don’t hurt me”… (To be continued).

Footsteps, Sky

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