S – Success is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious #AtoZ 2018


Go to, gather many a tool
Clear off all distraction
Dig up, bin up weeds of indolence
Find your dogged determination
Roll up those relaxation shirts
Get off the high stilettos
Say goodbye to lollygagging
Then work and work,
Labour and labour
Yes, work your best, try your best
Give it all you have got;
And when success is yours
Sit and bask in the fruits of your labour
Make some noise, share your story
Enjoy your achievements for…

Success is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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A very popular word from the children’s movie Mary Poppins.

Day & Night


Parallel lines
Two straight liners that never meet
No matter how extensive they run

Life within Christ v Life without Christ
Spirituality v Carnality
Light v Darkness
Day v Night
Two parallel lifes that never mix
No matter how extensive life runs

We cannot serve God and mammon
Either we are for Christ or against Him
Either we walk with Him or not
There’s no middle ground or sitting on the fence

The kingdom of God and the kingdom of Darkness
Are two parallel lines that do not mix

“Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?
What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? Or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever?” 2 Corinthians 6:14-15


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It Only Takes One Tiny Seed

Sow in the morning, sow at night, sow at noon, sow all the time
Scatter your seeds in many ventures, scatter them far and near
Don’t look at the clouds, or the rains; if you do, you won’t move
Every minute is always the right time, to take those decision and sow
Some may wither or eaten by birds, others may flourish at every branch
You never know which seeds would detonate and explode with goodness,
In abundance, in blessings, in great harvests, in opportunities of a lifetime
That would catapult your life into a new zone or curve you cannot recover from
And all your dreams, aspirations and fairytale wishes would come true
It only takes one seed that is sown, at the right place, at the right time,
It only takes one tiny seed that is sown for your dreams to come true
But if you don’t scatter and keep sowing, how would this even happen?

Daily Prompt: Detonate

Author’s notes:
Late Sir Roger Moore was acting but the world did not know him till he acted as James Bond. And who knew late Ian Fleming if not for the same Bond movies.
Chimamnda Adiche was writing novels but the world did not know her till she wrote Half of A Yellow Sun
John Grisham was writing novels but the world did not know him till he wrote Pelican Brief.
J K Rowlings was writing novels but the world did not know her till she wrote the Harry Potter Series.
Tom Cruise was acting but the world did not know him until he acted in Mission Impossible.
etc. etc. etc. etc

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…And That’s What We Are Fighting For

“I can’t do this anymore, Sam” Frodo Baggins said, and with a despondent and crestfallen countenance Frodo dropped his sword.
Sam looked at him and gave him an inspirational speech about how good trumps evil. He then finished the speech with the phrase, “That’s what they are holding unto”.
“What are we holding unto Sam?” asked Frodo looking intently at Sam and desperately in need of an encouraging answer.
“There is still some good left in this world, and that’s what we are fighting for“, replied his faithful friend, comrade and companion Samwise. (Scene from Lord Of The Rings: Two Tower)

There’s still some good left in this life
That’s why I keep my hopes alive
There’s still some good left in a man
No matter the extent of evil he may plan
There’s still some good left in any sad event
No matter how dismal things may appear

It’s not over until it’s over so
It’s not over until God says so
That’s the reason Christ saved us
That’s the reason Christ came for us
To show that good always trumps evil
To show that grace always trumps guilt

And that’s what we are fighting for. For if we stop fighting, if we stop believing that God’s Word is ultimate, we are simply handing the victory to the dark side. And I know that will never make things better.

Daily Prompt: Better

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My Name is My Root

Warning: This video contains graphic images which some viewers might find very distressing.

“I’m Kunta Kinte the son of Omorro” replied Kunta Kinte.
THWACK!!! Wallace flogged Kunta with a whip which had piercing iron-hooks at the tip.
“Your name is Toby, now tell me your name!!!” demanded Wallace.
“I’m Kunta Kinte”.
“That’s not your name!!!”
THWACK!!!! Another whipping!
“Toby is your name. Now what is your name?” demanded Wallace
“Kunta Kinte” Kunta replied again in defiance.

Everyone from the plantation gathered around and watched with somber faces. Fiddler whispered to Kunta, eagerly urging him, “Say it boy, just say it, say it…”

“Toby is your name. Now what is your name?” demanded Wallace,
“Kunta Kinte”
Say it!!!!
Say it!!!!
The floggings, the screamings, the defiance and the demands continued until… the bruised, battered and exhausted Kunta Kinte said, “Toby”.

Fiddler ran to Wallace as he entreated, “He said it, Massa Wallace he said it”.
“Say it again, say it louder!!” demanded Wallace,
“Toby” Kunta Kinte painfully and faintly said.
Then the flogging stopped.

Fiddler untied him and cradled his hurting bruised body as he told him, “It doesn’t matter what massa call you. You keep your true name inside…” (Culled from the series Roots 2017– an epic and award winning movie on slavery).

*                 *                     *                    *                  *                 *               *

Why did the young man Kunta Kinte choose to suffer pain and affliction rather than change his name?
Throughout the series, one thing was clear- he tenaciously held on to his name and passed it on to his children.
What’s in a name? What’s in your name? What’s in my name?

My name is my identity.
Your name is who you are.
My name tells a story.
Your name tells me your journey.
My name shows you my family.
Your name shows me your roots.
My name is my root.
Your name is your root.

It doesn’t matter what people call you- dumb, good for nothing, stupid, hopeless, failure, a mistake, etc. You know who you are. A success, an achiever, beautiful, the best there is, a blessing. That’s who you are. Be that person you call yourself and walk in it.

Daily Prompt: Roots

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To Be Free…

He sat on the balcony overlooking the town as he played a melancholic tune on his guitar. His memories flashed back to a precious moment he had with his late wife.
Together with her in a warm half embrace, she asked him, “What do you want?”,
He replied, “I want to be free”,
“That’s simple”, she said as she smiled.
(The last scene from the movie “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” starring Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp)

Though it sounds simple but to be free is not that simple. We all want to be free, to live in a world without boundaries and consequences.

We all desire freedom to live with carefreeness;
– free, not to be judged by the colour of our skins, by the accents in our speech or by the peculiaritied of your names;
– free to achieve all the goals we set for ourselves;
– free to love expressly and beautifully;
– free to love without been hurt;
– free to speak without been judged;
– free with no worry for tomorrow or responsibilities;
– free to make only ourselves the center of our thoughts,
– free to make an impact and not be a passerby,…
The list is endless.

Unfortunately, freedom is not absolute. It comes with a price, it comes with an opportunity cost. Love sometimes hurts. When freedom becomes absolute, a state of anarchy becomes the aftermath. Hence, we will always have responsibilities and consequences to worry about.

At some point in our lives, we may have discovered that every attempt or dream to be free has been met with restrictions and restraints stronger than a prison barricade. We may experience short temporary outbursts of freedom and we yearn for it to last a lifetime. But as the realities set back in, we discover that somehow we are not free and may have lost our freedom. In times like these, instead of pouting and sulking, we should rather make the best of the short time we have. Take that fleeting moment and live in it, enjoy it as best as you can and create a loving memory for yourself as the moment gradually fades away.

Now some boundaries are good and are for our own good even when we don’t want it to be whilst some are completely unnecessary, thereby hindering and limiting our inner drives. Some boundaries, though good at the time may have expired but, we may have become so used to its iron bars that our subconscious minds still make us believe they are there when in fact, they have been broken.

If I had wings like a butterfly, I would fly away over the mountains, over the hills and the meadows, over the beautiful flowers and the rushing streams, over the countries and cities, over the rooftops and the cliffs till I have experienced freedom in its maximum expression.

Daily Prompt: Sound, Center

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