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Hello, my name is Obioma Ibe- (Obioma means good heart). I am a lawyer from Nigeria, though not practising yet here. I am a loving wife and mother, a committed and dedicated Christian. I currently live in the U.K. I enjoy reading and more importantly, writing. Currently, I have no areas of specialisation or literal niche but rather I enjoy writing about everything that captivates my mind and that which conforms to my Christian faith. Talking about my faith in Christ is very important to me, so you may find it as a recurring feature in my posts. I enjoy the ability to create literature out of anything, the ability to explore every facet of life without inhibition or tradition and allow my mind to harness the deep cores of imagination and fantasy.

My point of view: there is a line in every thing you see; there is a poem, a song or simple words waiting to be written. Ask the trees, run from the glaring sun or stare away endlessly into galactic stars, deep into the crust of the earth’s core or far above the third heavens; if you open your mind, creativity and inspiring words will captivate your imagination. A wellspring of undiscovered piece of literature around you does abound!

My blog is Dream Desire Achieve. Every thing on earth today was someone’s dream before it became a reality. Every project, every skyscraper, from stationaries to books, from household furniture to technology, every single item we use today was once in the dream, in the mind and brain of someone. They acted and fuelled that dream- today we have better lifes. You and me can make a difference too when we connect to our passions and dreams. “With God, nothing shall be impossible, for to him that believes there will be a performance of the things spoken by the Lord to him/her.”

From one writer to another: The pen is mightier than the sword.

10 thoughts on “About me

  1. SirPeterJames.com says:

    Hello Obioma and thank you for popping onto my planet.
    I really like your refreshing site – so well laid out indeed. The favor of Our God is surely upon you. I shall make it a point to read your posts and then look at reposting on my site.
    Do I understand that you might be happy to let me post one or two on your site? Whilst my book reviews attract views and visits, the Bible Spiritual posts less so. As the theme of my site and the genre of the posts is not aimed at Christians, I thought I might try a site like yours, which seems more directed to Christians.

    Liked by 1 person

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