Why Worry When We Can Trust?

Why worry?

I went on my usual 4km run at our local park some days ago.
I saw a couple faithful feeding the ducks by the pond with a loaf of bread.
I saw pigeons by the side feasting on some pieces of bread.
I saw a workman trimming the trees.
I saw Spring flowers.
I saw a man walking his dog.
I saw a wriggling worm

Then this scripture resonated inside of me, “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” – Matthew 6:26-27

Ducks and pigeons
Trees and flowers
Dogs and worms
Who tends and feeds them?

If God in His wisdom and providence sends helpers to tend to these lower beings, how much more He will do us who are made in His image? How much more will He provide, protect and defend those whom He died for? So much more exceedingly abundantly above what we can ask or imagine.

Hence, I ask why worry?
Why do we worry a lot despite the fact that we know worry changes little?
Why worry when we can trust in the unfailing reliable hands of the Almighty God?
It is time to worry less and trust more
It is time to stop worrying.

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I Am… Goodheart

I am Obioma meaning Goodheart
I love to plan and organise
I do events planning, pro bono or paid
I am an artist, I create things
My latest are a fruit platter display and a nappy baby pram
I design flyers for events,
I like to draw and design in colours
I have a keen eye for details
I notice little things that many overlook
I love taking pictures, I love photography
I think selfies were discovered because of me

I am a lawyer, I love been a lawyer
I specialise in immigration matters
I love learning and discovering new things
I am highly inquisitive and exploratory
I am tech savvy, I experiment a lot with gadgets
I like to know how things actually work
I love speed, I love driving
I am a huge fan of Formula One
I love badminton and athletics
I am huge fan of Velodrome cycling
I love dancing and I dance a lot
I danced so much whilst pregnant,
Three days later, my baby pooped out!
I am an a expert with scrabbles
Try me, I will beat you, it’s not a joke
I love crosswords and sudoku
I love writing – poems and stories
I love expressing my thoughts through words

I like to talk, I like people who talk
But I like to listen and observe more
I love music and I love singing
I sing a lot, in the car or in the kitchen
I have a very good ear for music
I am a mother to two beautiful children
I love everything about them
I am a wife to one handsome dude
I am head over heels in love with him
I love my Jesus and I love His Word
He is my King, my Lord and great Friend
The best gift I’ve ever received
I am beautiful, gorgeous and classy
I am bossy, sensitive and friendly
I am successful, I am promising,
I am a hardworking mompreneur

I am a special child of God
I am Obioma or Goodheart
I am a daughter of Grace
Today I celebrate my womanhood
Today I celebrate who God made me to be
Today I celebrate myself

Happy International Women’s Day… to me

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I Know Who I Am – I Am A Woman of God

If there’s one thing I’m happy about
I’m happy I’m a girl or… a woman
I love to dress up, heels and all
I love to make up, mascara and all
Matching shoes and bag is my thing
I love fashion and I like looking trendy
I love pink, purple, blue, green and red
I love to nurture, to care, to love
I love roses, cards and chocolates
I may not like period pains
I may cry over labour pains
I may have crushes and heartbreaks
I may not have a pointed nose,
A curvy shape or blue eyes
But I’m a girl, I’m a woman
I’m a sister, I’m a daughter,
I’m a mother, I’m a wife…
I know who I am
That’s who God made me
That’s who I am,
And I’m proud it is so

Happy International Women’s Day to every woman out there 👠👠👗👒💝💝

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I Have A Friend

Oh the beauties
Of pure love and great friendship
When freedom prevailed
And liberty leapt with joy
When words poured seamlessly
And mute was an ancient call
When laughter roared to the skies
As friends reminisced with joy

A good friend is like sweet medicine
Like a fresh daffodil on a Spring morning
Like a cool shade from a gusty breeze
Like a frozen ice cream on a hot Sunday
A gentle smile, a warm hug, hope triumphed

Fights & forgiveness
Cries & joys
Sacrifice, fellowship, love;
A good heart that loves to the end
That’s what makes a good friend great

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Then The Rains Came

Spring is here!
But the rains came today too
It started out a sunny day
It ended up wet and rainy
And so is life

Does it mean Spring is gone?
Does it mean the sun rays are hidden forever?
Will the rain make Spring go away
For good? No
And so is life

We may set up goals, plans and projects
We were hopeful in January
We had faith, we believed
But… rain is here, in March
Set backs, disappointments, failings

It’s not time to hang up that dream
It’s not time to press that quit button
A little rain cannot stop Spring
Neither can a setback stop you
Life is in seasons; Spring, Summer…

And so is your life

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

Eyes on You

It is a mark of great humility and surrender to say,

“Lord I don’t know what to do and even if I did, I couldn’t do it. But Lord, my eyes are on You. I will wait and watch for You to do something about this situation. I know there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.”

The dreams and goals we pursue daily can be met and achieved when we realise it is God who makes all things possible.

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I Love Mondays

Thank God it’s Monday
I love Mondays
Don’t you know the meaning of Mondays?
No I don’t

Mondays mean
– School runs
– Packed lunches
– Rush hour
– Going to work
– Work colleagues
– Driving to work
– Appointments
– Deadlines

Exactly my point. That is why I don’t like Mondays.
No, take a closer look-

I’m grateful I have children.
I’m grateful I have a family
I’m grateful my children are in school.
I’m grateful I’m there for them to do their school runs, to help them with their homework.

I’m grateful they have food to eat.
I’m grateful I can afford healthy food for them.

I’m grateful I live in a community, I’m not alone or isolated.
I’m grateful for this community of care workers, utility workers, bankers, transport workers, etc all of us making effort to be at our work posts.

I’m grateful I have a job.
I’m grateful I earn a salary- it means I have money for bills, business and pleasures.

I’m grateful I have people to work and laugh with at work.
I’m grateful there’s a workforce complementing my little inputs.
I’m grateful they also have jobs.

I’m grateful I have a car, I drive to work
I’m grateful I walk to work. A good opportunity for exercise.
I’m grateful I fly to work. Very comfy in a jiffy.

I’m grateful for deadlines and appointments. My input is appreciated. I am important to someone.

I’m grateful I’m alive to do all these.

I’m grateful for Mondays
I love Mondays

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I Return

I told Him I didn’t need Him anymore
(Or so I thought)
I took all that I had
I left

He told me He will always be there for me
(I didn’t believe it)
I took all He gave me
I left

I made friends, the wrong kind
I spent money, the wrong way
I lived my life, the unholy way
Days into months, months into years
I had nothing, I had no one, but me

Destitute, hungry, ashamed and alone
Pigs became my best friends
Pig’s husks became my best food
Stuck in the depths of my sins and regrets
I realised, I knew I needed Him

I need You Lord, the Lifeline I depend on
I run back to You away from these husks
You took me back, and gave me the best
I return broken, bruised; free to be Yours
I return, to be who You made me to be
Your child

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

Spring Has Come

Hope springs like snowdrops
At the twilight of wintry chills
Barren trees embrace life
At the surge of gusty cool winds
Winter’s frosty touch
Gradually fades away
Outbreaks of sunshiny spells
Remind us Spring has come

Hope springs like daffodils
At the dusk of dark ensnaring paths
Faith rises to embrace Light
At the reach of redemptive Grace
Sin’s deathly grip
Unshackled from desperate souls
Outbreaks of mercy and peace
Assures us Life has come

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

Lord, You Are My Gift


I will search for Him
And not for what He offers
I will serve my Master
But not for His rewards
I will give Him my all
He left everything behind
To give me the greatest Gift
A father could give his child
He gave me Himself

He is my Gift, my Giver
He is my Reward, my Rewarder
In all the riches and blessings of life
Nothing is comparable to Him
Yes I will search for You Lord
For You are my Gift

Copyrights ©dreamdesireachieve 2019

Listen To Our Hearts

I’m not one to lack what to say most times and I like people who are bold to say their mind and speak up. In fact my husband asked me one day, do I have to have an opinion about everything?😀

But sometimes I do lack words. At such times I get tired, tongue-tied and helpless before God. I just keep quiet and listen to music. I play one particular song endearing to my heart continuously and repeatedly for a long time, sometimes through out the day while I go deep into the spirit of the song. There I open my heart and communicate with God through that song. I just let my heart do the talking to the only One who can understand it.

Sometimes a few tears roll down, a few words as I just soak in the presence of God through the music. During these times, I’m not really in a talking mood because my whole mind is in that song. And as God speaks I respond. When I’m finished, when the experience comes to an end, I return to my usual dailies broken, healed, happy and greatly strengthened by God. I return a changed person.

I totally and unreservedly enjoy music, it is one medium through which God has spoken to me on several occasions. I love music and I listen to every single word, every sound, beat or drum in the music. I dissect the music and just enjoy the wonders of how each instrument, each ad-lib and each chorus harmonises into a great song. I try to understand the deep meaning behind the words, the rise and falls, the tone of the hunger and thirst for God in the voice of the singer. It’s a powerful tool that needs to be harnessed well when in the hands of the right person.

There are a couple of songs that takes me deep into this experience. This powerfully worded song by United Pursuit is one of them. (Check my previous post here). Check it there and let it draw you closer to God.

Finally, God speaks through so many things around us if we open our hearts and listen. For me, music is one of those ways.

“So listen to our hearts
Hear our spirits sing
A song of praise that flows
From those You have redeemed
We will use the words we know
To tell You what an awesome God You are
But words are not enough
To tell You of out love
So listen to our hearts”
(Listen To Our Hearts – Lyrics by Geoff Moore)

Copyrights ©dreamdesireachieve 2019

From Head To The Heart

This is a beautiful wonderful song by United Pursuit that inspires my heart a lot.
Please enjoy.
I open up to You
This love that makes me new
Oh, may my heart receive
This love that carries me
From the head to the heart
You take me on a journey
Of letting go
And getting lost in You
From the head to the heart
You take me on a journey
Of letting go
And getting lost in You
My heart is open wide
I will receive your light (ey ey ey)
You give me faith like a child
In you, my heart runs wild
‘Cause there’s no shame
In looking like a fool
When I give You what I can’t keep
To take a hold of You
There’s no shame
In looking like a fool
When I give You what I can’t keep
To take a hold of You
More than words, more than good ideas
I found Your love in the open fields
More than words, more than good ideas
I found Your love in the open fields
More than words, more than good ideas (ey ey ey)
I found Your love in the open fields
More than words, more than good ideas
I found Your love in the open fields

When I Fall

When I fall I let myself go
When I cry I don’t hold back
When I dance I am free
At Your feet, Your rest is mine

You catch me when I fall
You hold me when I cry
You lift me when I dance
At Your feet, Your peace is mine

You are my Shield
You are my Great Comforter
(You comfort me like no one ever does)
You are my Saviour
At Your feet, I am home

Copyrights ©dreamdesireachieve 2019

God Leads Us Along

Some through the waters, some through the flood
Some through the fire, but all through the blood
Some through great sorrow, but God gives a song
In the night season and all the day long
(A beautiful encouraging song by Gaither Vocal Band)

God is not after the mistakes we’ve made, nor is He interested in our past errors. He is never quick to apportion blame. He is gracious in mercy. These mistakes may cause pain, hurt and some disappointment. Tears may rain down our cheeks endlessly as we sit and ponder in the deafening silence on the outside and the great hurt we feel inside.

Therein in that pain He wants us to come to Him, no, to RUN to Him with arms wide open. To take His hand and let Him hold, comfort and lead us through it all.
Until we let Him, He cannot come in. He’s a gentle Spirit, He doesn’t demand by force.

No one may truly understand what we’re going through but we must be rest assured, God surely does. Only Him can heal, help and restore.

Only God can mend a broken heart. When that heart is given to Him.

Copyrights ©dreamdesireachieve 2019

Use It, Don’t Abuse It

While out on school run yesterday morning, I turned on my DAB radio today to my usual Christian radio. Instead of hearing a beautiful song of hope and encouragement, to my utter chagrin what I heard was “One Love” by Bob Marley. I had to quickly tune in to another the station. I also sent them an email complaining that it’s not right. 

Bob Marley was never a Christian, he was always high on weeds and drugs and every other thing unbelievers got into. So I didn’t quite grasp why a UK Christian radio would be singing and broadcasting his songs to over 4 million listeners?? 

It only shows one thing? They don’t understand the impact of their roles as broadcasters and secondly, their Christian values should be questioned and reviewed again. 

Music is a powerful instrument and when used well God is glorified. Music is not just about the song but more importantly about the artist, his life and the spirit of the song. 

A Christian radio is a great opportunity to utilise the awesome power of technology to offer hope, healing, advice, help, deliverance and salvation to their innumerable number of listeners. People are suffering and going through difficult times and if they turn on a Christian radio, they should receive nothing less than hope and healing through Christ. 

I see evangelists in city centres with their megaphones and loud speakers preaching and reaching out to the lost, speaking boldly about Christ to maybe 200 people. I see believers going from door to door dropping tracts and preaching about Christ. They can only reach about 20 houses in total. But a Christian radio with listener capacity of over 4 million or more is instead singing Bob Marley’s song, thereby authenticating him and his music. This is an anathema. 

Where there’s no vision, no purpose, no objective anything goes and that is not the way of Christ. If you want to sing about love, there are a thousand good Christian songs readily available to portray that. 

As Christians, we must always recognise that we are the light and salt of the earth. We are messengers of God’s grace, hope and love to a lost world. We must recognise that sometimes God places us in special jobs that can enable us minister to a thousand people we may never meet in our lifetime. But how we changed their lives will always be reckoned and remembered in heaven. We must recognise that role and utilise it rather than abuse it.

Remember, you’re a Christian. 

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The Truth

You’re not doing well, you know it;
You make up excuses and blame others
But deep down you know the truth
The truth. What is the truth?

You’re not giving your best
You can’t stand others who are at their best
You are afraid to own up to the truth
The truth. What is the truth?

You need help and healing
You need deliverance
A break from your shackles
A break from your wall of defence
This is the truth

Hiding hinders help
Honesty hastens healing
Be true to yourself
Surrender to be free
Free to be the ever best God has made you to be
And a true joy to those that love you
This is the truth

Embrace the truth and be free

Copyrights ©dreamdesireachieve 2019