Hello Beautiful

Hello beautiful,
Looking at you
I find sweetness
Into your heart
I descend deeper
I find beauty
Knowing you
A treasure

Daily Prompt: Descend

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Author’s notes:
There is hidden beauty in everything and everyone we see. We just have to search it out if we want to find it. Also, if you see beauty and sweetness in your dreams and aspirations, you will descend to any level of hard work and dogged determination to work it out and fulfil it.
When you find beauty in whatever you do, work becomes play.

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Life was hard
My fortune- unpromising
Hope became a mirage
My faith sloped down
I tried every idea
I ran out of options
Desperate for a change
I cried to heaven
Heaven replied
It sent me an angel
Beautiful, intelligent
My leading lady
Good fortune smiled at me
When heaven sent you

Daily Prompt: Fortune

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017