A Symbiotic Sensation

He flies with a purposeful buzz
He spots her in the fields
Displaying herself like a peacock
In bright delicate purple petals
Eagerly, he draws closer
How beautiful she looks
As she invites him in
She needs him
She needs the fresh pollen dusts
He needs her
He needs her sweet nectar
Like a gentleman
He perches on the royal petal
Soft and smooth like a feather
He must treat her gently
He inserts his proboscis
He tenderly sucks
She yields to his demands
She doesn’t hold back
An exchange-
A symbiotic sensation
A scientific fulfilment
Hinging on a mutual bond
He strokes her petals
She flaps in content
And bids him farewell
As she proceeds to pollinate
He responds with a last glance
As he proceeds home
To give the sweet nectar
To his beloved queen

Daily Prompt: Symbiosis, Purple

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Out From The Honeycomb…

No love lost between us
Yet we cohabit
A mutual pact
For the greater good

Author’s notes:
Sometimes you may not like where you are, or you may detest your current state of affairs. It may sting you like a bee and you may cry like a baby. Notwithstanding, you decide to carry on with a good heart knowing that out from your unpleasant situation, a greater good will be achieved.

Out from the honeycomb and the bitter bees’ sting, sweet honey comes forth.

Daily Prompt: Bitter

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I am God’s VIP

Like a honeycomb swarmed by the buzzing bees
So am I constantly surrounded with His unfailing mercies and love
Like a celebrity swarmed by the insatiable media bees
So am I constantly surrounded with His graceful angels above

I am God’s VIP
I am precious to Him
I am God’s celebrity
I am beloved of Him
I am God’s VIP

Daily Prompt: Swarm

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