A Sky for You

Sometimes when I come to work, one of the clients will tell me” I want a sky for you, a sky for you” and I’ll reply with a smile, “Thank you”. I came to work today, and he said it again, I smiled and thanked him as usual, and then, my thoughts went crazy hence this write-up.

I would want to own the sky, I mean if I do, that means I would have air rights all over the world. And so you know what that means? Every airplane, every aircraft, jetliner, helicopter, etc. would have to pay “air toll fees” to me to have access to the sky, WOW! I’ll be the richest person on earth and wouldn’t have to work again! Hahaha! Dream on dreamer, you’d say.

Anyway, my point is we may not have the sky we want, we may not have the fairytale life we planned for, we may not live in a castle like Downtown Abbey with lots of lady’s maids, butlers and footmen scurrying about like busy bees…

But we have life, we have air to breath, jobs to go to, families to laugh and fight with, friends to dance with, food to eat, beds to lay our weary heads, hands to write with, gadgets to connect with long lost friends and families, …

Rather than focus on the skies I don’t have, I’d rather focus on the floor I’m standing on. Take a minute, look around you and count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what you actually have and should be thankful to God for.

In response to the daily prompt: Sky

My Lifetime Journey…

He prayed. He sought.
He searched. I’m found.
He looked. I blushed.
He talked. I heard.
He asked. I agreed
His ring. I took.
We hugged. We talked.
We planned. We spent.
We found love. We told families.
We got married. We had babies.
We fought. We argued.
We reconciled. We kissed.
We laugh together.
We cry together.
We work together.
We eat together.
We play together.
We pray together.
Nine years together.
We still love each other.
God brought us together.
Lord, keep us together.

(A poem in honour of my 9th wedding anniversary today. Check here for my other blog posts.)

The Music of his love

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Staying Healthy

Staying healthy?
All I can say is-

Eat well
Sleep well
Lots of water
Lots of exercise
Forgive and forget
No alcohol and no smoking
Meet old friends, make new friends
Eat sweets and puddings in moderation
Don’t skip breakfast but eat your vegetables
Go on holiday, tan on the beach or surf on the waves
Relax on the couch, have a laugh and let the world stroll by
Stay Healthy

In response to the daily prompt:  Healthy

Below are some amazing fruit salad arts I found online. Thanks for reading my post.

Instincts in the Jungle

The Predator,
Stealthily, edging closer
Waiting, waiting
Supper almost ready,
The Prey,
Lying down in the shrubs
Chewing, chewing
Bedtime almost near

The Predator
Stops in his track
Watching, watching
Getting ready to pounce
The Prey,
Suddenly twitches her ears up
Listening, listening
Movement behind her

Stillness, stillness
While the hot sun blazed down

The Predator,
Jumps out of his hiding place,
Heading straight for the kill,
Her jugular, his target;
The Prey,
Springs quickly to her feet,
Sprinting far from death
Her kind, her target

The Predator-
Compelled by his need to eat
The Prey-
Compelled by her need to live
Both driven by one word-

In response to today’s daily prompt: Survival