My Manchester- Together We Stand

Mayhem broke loose, youngsters crying
Families desperate for answers, for help
The injured smeared in blood; in pain, and helpless;
My city in shock, confusion and disarray
Bodies scattered, life oozing out sadly so
Emergency services in frantic redemptive scurries
Eyewitnesses recounting the horror

Don’t go to school, there may a suicide attack
Don’t go to church, there may a suicide attack
Don’t go to a concert…
Don’t go to a football match…
Don’t go to town…
Don’t go to the mall…
Don’t go to the work…
Don’t go to anywhere… there may a suicide attack
We must not allow ourselves to live in fear
Fear leads to bondage and unhealthy distrust

A war of twisted ideologies and religious fanaticism
Undermining our usual way of living and existence
How do you combat such extremism and radicalism?
How do you fight such war?

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

At 12:50am this morning, I got a distant call from one of our family friends in Nigeria, he called to make sure we were safe. I was confused, and asked him why he asked. He said, “There’s been an attack on Manchester it’s on the news”. I tuned on BBC News and witnessed the terror as shock spread across my face and tears welled up my eyes. Young children screaming in panic, parents searching for their children… all these was happening in my town.

How do we wage war on twisted ideologies? It’s a mind game. How do you know what people are thinking about? And sometimes like this one, it’s calculated, planned and purposely executed. How do you prevent such attacks?

As you read this, please remember our city in your prayers. In the words of our Mayor Andy Burnham, “We are grieving, we are strong, we are together.”

God bless you! God bless Manchester! God bless the United Kingdom!

Extreme Virtue

Can virtue be extreme? Can good be overdone? Or is virtue and goodness encouraged at every and any situation despite it’s extremity? I applaud the phrase: moderation is the key for we have discovered that any extremity poisons the balanced equilibrium of the society. Hence it goes without saying that:
Extreme love becomes been too permissive and consequently anarchy
Extreme peace breeds a lifestyle that avoids confrontation
Extreme disciplinary measures breeds a stiff and stern relationship
Extreme honesty leads to curt and saucy statement
Extreme success breeds bragging and pride

How do we live a balanced life? How do we know when to draw the line between moderation and extremity as we practice goodness to the people around us?
The Holy Spirit is there to reveal to us the demarcating line that gets blinded by emotions and He gives us wisdom to live our lives as expected. Also, our conscience serves as a restraining order that enables us live balanced life.