San Bellamino!

I set my course towards the northern pole
In search of such that pleases my soul
A morning voyage with a hopeful mind
My compass tuned to guide my sails
With bitter winds and colds and chills
I lived on little in hunger pangs
With frosty fingers I turned the mast
The pleasure of reward spurred me on
I conquered giants, leviathans and sharks
Amidst tempests, thirsts and wrathful waves
I journeyed through tunnels of seven seas
I searched, I sought, tired and worn out
With sleepless nights and thorny days
There! Alas! I found my joy-
San Bellamino!
My northern coral evergreen island!

Daily Prompt: Voyage, Island, Giant

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And So What?

You won the Nobel Prize, yes and so what?
You drive a Rolls Royce, yes, what about it?
You’re richer than the Queen, yes and so what?
You own a house in Monaco, yes and so what?
You only travel in your private jet, yes, what about it?
Your figure is more size zero than Posh, and so what?
Your clothes are only custom made, yes and so what?
You’ve travelled all around the world, yes and so what?
You own shoes more than Imelda Marcus, yes and so what?
You graduated from Cambridge University, yes, and so what?
You only eat specially prepared exotic foods, yes and so what?
You have 10million followers on social media, yes , and so what?
You have the latest iPhone, iMac, Samsung Galaxy, yes and so what?

My Point: The physical possessions you treasure is in another person’s trash can. Today’s beauty is discarded tomorrow when another beauty is discovered which ends in the trash when another beauty is uncovered,… and the circle continues. Life is not measured by abundance of the things we possess but by the number of people whose lives changed for the better because we cared enough to help.
So get off your high horse, go out in the sun now it’s here, loosen up, have a laugh and just have fun with your family and friends. Today is the first day of summerfor goodness sake!

Happy Summertime everyone!

Daily Prompt: Summer


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Watching Marmalade my little pooch as she aimlessly and nonchalantly chewed her dog biscuits while her big black eyes stared into my steak, I didn’t need any 6th sense to tell me what I needed to do. I stood up and went to the kitchen.

At the sound of the kitchen door, Marmalade immediately abandoned the biscuits and came to me in the kitchen, wagging her tail excitedly and looking at me with so much hope and anticipation. I grinned.

Picked a steak from the saucepan, diced and dished them into her plate and set it down near the biscuits in the living room. She quickly pounced on it and devoured the delicacies before you could say Robinson Crusoe, totally ignoring her biscuits.

When she finished, she came and settled cosily near my feet, content and full. I patted her furry little head, resumed my meal while I watched my favourite whodunnit series- Law and Order.

Daily Prompt: Aimless