My Name is Fazia


I am a Syrian child,
I am a casualty of war,
My name is Fazia

You go to school and sing nursery rhymes,
I hide in corners at the sound of bomb shells;
You hug your siblings and say “good night”,
I hurdle with my sister on a mat in utter terror;

You go to sleep with a story read to you,
I go to bed praying it wouldn’t be my last night;
You stroll into town waving at trams,
I run on lonely paths away from fighter jets;

You decorate your house with pictures and flowers,
My house decorations are shrapnels and bullets holes;
You walk on paved streets, with street lights shining,
I walk on streets littered with dead bodies, sometimes in the dark;
Your world is surrounded by beautiful houses,
Mine is surrounded by ravaged and collapsed buildings;

You have your mama, papa, sister, brother, cousin,…
I only have my grandma, my parents died from airstrikes;
You eat breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks, dinner, supper…
Well, I eat when I find food, if I find food;
Your best friends are Sally, Tom and Tim,
My daily companions are hunger, fear, poverty and pain

You buried your loved one and it makes you sad
I’ve buried my friends and families, it hurts everyday;
You cry sometimes, throw tantrums and act silly
I cry all the time, I hurt all the time, I’m getting tired of life;
I didn’t chose my family, I didn’t choose my home,
If I had a choice…, I wish I had a choice…,
I know, I just want to have a normal childhood.

I am a Syrian child,
I am a casualty of war.
My name is Fazia and it means successful.
What an irony!

Daily Prompt: Successful, Devastation

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(A repost. Originally published in 2017)

Lord, Teach Me…

Lord, teach me…

To be prudent with words
Not brazen nor careless
Thoughtful words, seasoned with grace

To be prudent with money
Not frivolous nor foolish
A wise saver, a generous giver

To be prudent with food
Not greedy nor wasteful
A spartan eater, eating for strength

To be prudent with time
Not lazy or idle
Industrious, redeeming the time

To be prudent with people
Not proud or contentious
Peaceful, loving everyone

To be prudent with You
Not arrogant or self-centred
Obedient, following after Your heart

Daily Prompt: Prudent

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An Unfinished Poem

Worked up an appetite
Clad in a smart outfit
Drove to a fancy restaurant
Scanned the room quickly
Found a perfect spot
It was near the window
Overlooking a beautiful view
Ordered my favourite dish
Delicious, delectable, juicy…
(To be continued)

Daily Prompt: Juicy

NB: Started this poem this afternoon, and got stuck. I may finish it when I figure out how it will end. If not, I’ll just leave it as it is- unfinished.

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Dark Brown Sublime Treat!


It’s dark brown,
Sliced, served unto a plate;
You catch a glimpse,
You draw near for a better look;
There it is;
Intoxicating, seductive, moist,
Two-layered, creamy, velvety,
Coated and dripping with a brown luscious sauce;
You edge slowly and closer,
Like a queen approaching her majestic throne;
What pleasurable enticing beauty!
Enthralled, captivated, enraptured,
Your desires heighten as you stare;
Deliberating but helpless, you yield in to it;
With a spoon, you gently take a piece-
Why rush such a divine moment?
Into your mouth it goes…
Hmm… you moan with excitement and sheer pleasure;
As its delicate components dissolve in your mouth,
You are riveted in this harmonious marriage of decadent flavours,
And is transported to a delightful enchanted forest,
Where you glide blissfully with utmost sensations;
Each extra spoonful is utterly relished and savoured;
What a scrumptious delectable tempting desert!
Such a sublime treat you couldn’t resist!
Chocolate cake!

Daily Prompt: Resist, Lush

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Bon Appétit!

I have one confession to make- I’m an ardent follower of Master Chef The Professionals. Since I discovered the program last year, I’ve been following every episode closely and have enjoyed watching the culinary challenges and experiences these professionals face.

I’ve learnt about different exotic dishes, ingredients, styles and skills in various Michelin starred restaurants. I also enjoy the rich baritone voice of the narrator, he pronounces each ingredient with great pride and perfection; and how I love the sound of “panacotta”. Being an artistic person, what I enjoy most is the plating of the food. If you have an imaginative and creative mind like me, you would agree with me that some presentations are simply put- mind blowing, fantastic and…WOW!!! It’s almost like you don’t want to eat the food; you’d rather hang it on the gallery in your house and just stare at it with sheer bewilderment, utter amazement and ecstatic admiration.

One of the things I’ve learned from this program is that to get an all-round mark on great taste, blending flavours and beautiful presentation, you have to get all the specifics right. All the ingredients and elements as they call it would have to be right and work right. When the specifics are right, it’s like a kite floating and flying in the blue skies competing with the eagles. When it’s not, that down-beaten look on the face of the contestants when they get a negative feedback says it all.

In terms of presentation, my highlight in this year’s series was the food cooked by this year’s winner- Gary Maclean from Scotland. The beetroot starter course he cooked at the Chefs Table; though faulted taste wise but, the presentation was stunning, and that’s the why I used it above. And from one happy fan amidst tens of thousands, I say “Bon Appétit!”.

In response to daily prompt: Specific, Float

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