To Be Free…

He sat on the balcony overlooking the town as he played a melancholic tune on his guitar. His memories flashed back to a precious moment he had with his late wife.
Together with her in a warm half embrace, she asked him, “What do you want?”,
He replied, “I want to be free”,
“That’s simple”, she said as she smiled.
(The last scene from the movie “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” starring Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp)

Though it sounds simple but to be free is not that simple. We all want to be free, to live in a world without boundaries and consequences.

We all desire freedom to live with carefreeness;
– free, not to be judged by the colour of our skins, by the accents in our speech or by the peculiaritied of your names;
– free to achieve all the goals we set for ourselves;
– free to love expressly and beautifully;
– free to love without been hurt;
– free to speak without been judged;
– free with no worry for tomorrow or responsibilities;
– free to make only ourselves the center of our thoughts,
– free to make an impact and not be a passerby,…
The list is endless.

Unfortunately, freedom is not absolute. It comes with a price, it comes with an opportunity cost. Love sometimes hurts. When freedom becomes absolute, a state of anarchy becomes the aftermath. Hence, we will always have responsibilities and consequences to worry about.

At some point in our lives, we may have discovered that every attempt or dream to be free has been met with restrictions and restraints stronger than a prison barricade. We may experience short temporary outbursts of freedom and we yearn for it to last a lifetime. But as the realities set back in, we discover that somehow we are not free and may have lost our freedom. In times like these, instead of pouting and sulking, we should rather make the best of the short time we have. Take that fleeting moment and live in it, enjoy it as best as you can and create a loving memory for yourself as the moment gradually fades away.

Now some boundaries are good and are for our own good even when we don’t want it to be whilst some are completely unnecessary, thereby hindering and limiting our inner drives. Some boundaries, though good at the time may have expired but, we may have become so used to its iron bars that our subconscious minds still make us believe they are there when in fact, they have been broken.

If I had wings like a butterfly, I would fly away over the mountains, over the hills and the meadows, over the beautiful flowers and the rushing streams, over the countries and cities, over the rooftops and the cliffs till I have experienced freedom in its maximum expression.

Daily Prompt: Sound, Center

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Good Morning to You.

Good Morning
Good morning to life
Good morning to hope
Good morning to healing
Good morning to new dreams
Good morning to new horizons
Good morning to new opportunities
Good morning to new zeal, zest and zing
Good morning to creativity and new ideas
Good morning to beauty and blessings
Good morning to love and be loved
Good morning to a brand new day
Good morning to joy and peace
Good morning to not giving up
Good morning to not quitting
Good morning to freedom
Good morning to you

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Letter To My Best Friend

Dear Grace .O.,

We were like two peas in a pod
We liked the same things, we were inseparable
We laughed and joked together a lot
We had little fights but made up quickly
So many sleep overs in each other’s house
We talked or rather you talked a lot
I listened, laughed and talked less
No wonder I became a writer,
We knew a lot about each other
No privacy, no secrets, no grudges
Your family became my family, and mine yours
In the same law class, we studied together
In the same course, we graduated together
In the same fellowship, we prayed together
In the same leadership group, we led together
In the same age group, we had a lot in common
Both tall, both fair, both beautiful, both intelligent
You had a good sense of humour, I had a good listening ear
Our friendship was lovely, fun, sacrificial and generous
University days ended, law school ended,
We got married, had family and distance prevailed
Several hours on the phone is incomparable
To sitting in our rooms and chatting into the midnight
We travelled, we gossiped, we compared and had boy crushes
How I miss those days of youthful freedom and exuberance
My friendship with you was one of my best moments in school.

Yours affectionately,
Obioma. I.

Daily Prompt: Privacy

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When the Wind Beckons

I hear its voice calling
The voice of the wind calling

“Come away with me, child
Soar with me thy gentle guide
Let my breeze caress thy soft smooth skin
Away you would fly with a dancing spin
Let the echoes of my song fill thee with sheer delight
As you glide and skim on the wings of the wind tonight
Up above, away and beyond in distant spheres unknown
With eerie tales of giant and aliens, galaxies and clones
Come child, ride on the clouds- thy fluffy gallant steeds
They stand still, awaiting thy command O royal seed”

And off I ran into the arms of the wind not thinking twice
Lest its voice fades faster than the throw of a dice
Come along dear friend, respond to the wondrous clarion calls
When the wind beckons! When freedom calls!

Daily prompt: Smooth, Giant