My Friend for a Lifetime

I have a friend
Sincere and radiantly lovely
Intelligent, greatly wise
With a great sense of humour
God’s gracious gift to me

I have a friend
Gentle and radiantly sweet
I am his beloved
Surely he is mine
God’s loving gift to me

I have a friend
My heart is safe with him
The true love of my life
For worse, for better or for best
God’s perfect gift to me

Dedicated to my beloved husband, my friend for a lifetime.

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

F – Fun on Fridays #AtoZ 2018


Hurray! It’s Friday!
It’s time for fun
Relaxation for free

Stretch those ankles
Watch a movie
Catch up on a book
Run a mile or so
Or simply just be
It need not cost much

Whatever makes you smile
Whatever way to relax
Make the best of the weekend
Have some fun on Friday!


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What’s In A Bag of Crisps?

What’s in a pack of crisps?
Baked potatoes, salt, etc
What’s in a pack of crisps?
I’m not sure but,
I think there’s something inside it
That makes it so appealing to kids
And their sugar-coated tastebuds
But then,
Crisps are salted, so
What’s in a pack of crisps?
I don’t know, I wish I do

But what I do know is this-
Most children love crisps,
My children absolutely, definitely
Emphatically, categorically love crisps

My toddler, enjoying a pack of crisps, relaxed, with his leg on the table.

When the tantrums scream
Or the sad faces sulk
When there’s a fight for toys
Or whose tv channel to watch
Out and about on a sunny day
Or during the sermon in the church
When all my hugging and all my cooing
Doesn’t seem to appease
I pop out a bag of crisps
And suddenly, all is well
Then I can talk and reason
As they listen in silence
And munch their crisps

What’s in a pack of crisps
That makes it so appealing to kids
I really would like to know

Daily Prompt: Crisp

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

I was just thinking about this words this afternoon as I gave my little one this bag of crisps. Then I saw today’s prompt- what perfect timing! So while he ate his crisps, I wrote my poem😊

Dark Brown Sublime Treat!


It’s dark brown,
Sliced, served unto a plate;
You catch a glimpse,
You draw near for a better look;
There it is;
Intoxicating, seductive, moist,
Two-layered, creamy, velvety,
Coated and dripping with a brown luscious sauce;
You edge slowly and closer,
Like a queen approaching her majestic throne;
What pleasurable enticing beauty!
Enthralled, captivated, enraptured,
Your desires heighten as you stare;
Deliberating but helpless, you yield in to it;
With a spoon, you gently take a piece-
Why rush such a divine moment?
Into your mouth it goes…
Hmm… you moan with excitement and sheer pleasure;
As its delicate components dissolve in your mouth,
You are riveted in this harmonious marriage of decadent flavours,
And is transported to a delightful enchanted forest,
Where you glide blissfully with utmost sensations;
Each extra spoonful is utterly relished and savoured;
What a scrumptious delectable tempting desert!
Such a sublime treat you couldn’t resist!
Chocolate cake!

Daily Prompt: Resist, Lush

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Letter To My Best Friend

Dear Grace .O.,

We were like two peas in a pod
We liked the same things, we were inseparable
We laughed and joked together a lot
We had little fights but made up quickly
So many sleep overs in each other’s house
We talked or rather you talked a lot
I listened, laughed and talked less
No wonder I became a writer,
We knew a lot about each other
No privacy, no secrets, no grudges
Your family became my family, and mine yours
In the same law class, we studied together
In the same course, we graduated together
In the same fellowship, we prayed together
In the same leadership group, we led together
In the same age group, we had a lot in common
Both tall, both fair, both beautiful, both intelligent
You had a good sense of humour, I had a good listening ear
Our friendship was lovely, fun, sacrificial and generous
University days ended, law school ended,
We got married, had family and distance prevailed
Several hours on the phone is incomparable
To sitting in our rooms and chatting into the midnight
We travelled, we gossiped, we compared and had boy crushes
How I miss those days of youthful freedom and exuberance
My friendship with you was one of my best moments in school.

Yours affectionately,
Obioma. I.

Daily Prompt: Privacy

Copyrights © Obioma Ijeoma Ibe Writealineblog 2017

Because I’m Different

“They laugh at me because I’m different
I laugh at them because they are all the same”

-Author unknown

I know what they will do each time
I know what they do all the time
I can predict their next move
I know how they operate
And I’m pretty sure this will end the same way
No thrills! No suspense!
No adrenaline rush! No anticipation!

Quite boring!

But I’m different
I’m unpredictable, a pack full of surprises
I try new things, I take risks,
I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I have loads of experience
They don’t know my next move
I don’t even know my next move
I’ve got to keep the suspense in the game
I’ve got to keep my opponents on their toes
Because I love the anticipation and I live for the thrill,
I love the excitement; because I’m different.

Daily Prompt: Anticipation

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Dancing in the rain…


Some Asian children playing in the rain.

Looking at this picture, it reminded me of how as a child, I used to play in the rain with my friends. We ran up and down the little street in shorts and dresses; we jumped, screamed, danced, played, splashed and did whatever silly thing that came to our minds. I know many of us who were born in the 70s and 80s will relate to this and will agree with me that it was fun!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun!
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