Hebrews 11:2

Hebrews 11:2
“For by it the elders obtained a good report.”

Elders received a good report by faith. These elders in the Lord were men and women whom God deemed it fit to reckon as elders. It was God that gave them this title not men. The All-knowing God has searched and tried their hearts, He has seen everything about their life both, about of their hearts and their relationship with other men. Hence, He was very pleased with them and as such reckoned them worthy to called elders.

Also, these elders received a good report first from God and and probably later from men, not vice versa. It’s sad that in these latter days, many are striving to receive good report from men, many have now become men pleasers rather than God pleasers.
On the contrary, Jesus sought God’s approval first, no wonder God acknowledged Him on the Mountain of Transfiguration. “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.” (Matthew 17:5) Drawing an inference from this verse, we shouldn’t underestimate what God can achieve with a man that seeks to please Him. He will cause men to hear you, to listen to your life, to observe and follow him.

How did these elders that received a good report from God? It was faith gave them a good report. Faith in Jesus, faith to follow Him and believe in all the prophecies of God in the Holy Writ concerning Jesus. They obeyed God’s Word and valued it more than their necessary food. They followed God’s Pattern for life and godliness not realising that every pattern of life and every instruction given by God during their time was symbolic to the Person and Personality of Jesus. No wonder they obtained a good report before God.

Food for thought:
These elders of faith have all died, but we that are still living are currently holding the torch of faith. What legacy are we leaving for the next generation when we hand over the torch to them? Will the records of our life show men that had faith? Will we be qualified for God to call us elders?

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