The Beauty of Marriage


“To be your wedded wife,
To have and to hold,
For better and for worse,
In sickness and in health,
No matter what comes our way,
Till death do us part”

These were not shallow words that were said casually, instead they were meant to be true vows of love and commitment before God and men. It truly grieves my heart at the rate of divorce and separation stories we hear daily. We live in an age where commitment in marriage is no more encouraged. It’s no more “for better or for worse, instead couples bolt out at the slightest provocation. If in our times, divorce rates are high, how would our children cope in their own time? It gives me the shudders.

For every home going through challenging times, I pray God will rekindle their first love for each other and give them the grace to forgive each other and the wisdom to work through their differences harmoniously.

To us all, show us afresh the beauty and sweetness of marriage, Amen.”

Daily Prompt: Shallow

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