Mended Scars


Wordless but not thoughtless 
Heart to heart chats
Wounded scars mended
Talking with my Father


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A Beacon

When I feel wronged, hurt and sad
And find forgiveness too hard
When I feel overwhelmed with pain
And can’t find the exact words to explain
When the future looks hopeless and bleak
And my troubles are at their peak
When temptations assail my mind
And the strength to resist I scarcely find
When there’s so much death in this world
And so many families torn from their beloved

Create within me, Lord, a heart
Of compassion, of empathy
A beacon of hope and truth
A beacon of light and love

Daily Prompt: Create

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Not A Portion, Take All

Not some part of my day
Be in all of it
Not a speck of my time
Take all of it
Not a portion of my heart
Occupy all of it
Not a little of my life
Lord, live through all of it
All the time, everywhere
All the way, anywhere

Daily Prompt: Portion

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I Am Alive

Like a butterfly
Fluttering inside,
Thick walls of
Crumbling down

Into pieces,
When I gave
A free hand, to
My wounded heart
To restore me
To the beautiful life
I once loved
To live,
I live,
I am alive,
Because of

Daily Prompt: Bitter

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will you?

if unravel my thoughts
will you think I’m queer?…
if I unravel my past
will you believe in me?…
if I unravel my words
will you desert me?…
if I unravel my heart
will you break it?…
i want to grow
i want to love
i want to excel
i want to unravel me
if I unravel myself
will you love me
for who I am?…
for who you want me to be?… 

will you?… 

Daily Prompt: Unravel

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Just An Ordinary Bloke

Who am I?

I am just an ordinary bloke
With a big heart
Filled with love


For that special gal-
To laugh with
To cry with
To make memories with
To cuddle at night

Who would not care
For riches or for cars
But will love me
For who I am

And together

We can build
A future extraordinary

Who am I?

I am just an ordinary bloke
With a big heart
Filled with love

Daily Prompt: Ordinary

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When Love Waits


Sitting here with him
In silence
Wrapped in his arms
She’s safe
He looked at her
And smiled
She looked at him
And blushed
No words exchanged
In silence
No need for words
Soul mates
They understood each other
One heart
Their hearts were one
One soul
Their souls were one
Their bodies
Inflamed with romantic desires
and lustful ecstasy
Would soon be in one
A few days
After their marriage vows
Such decision
Not for luck nor for fame
A noble act
In honour of their promise
To wait
To wait for the right time
A noble act
To honour their love for each other
To honour God

Daily Prompt: Luck, Lust
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Un-choke Me Darling

I can’t see
I can’t breathe
You’re choking me
You’re words are choking me
You’re words are killing me
Choking me softly
Choking me silently
Killing my love
Killing my heart

Help me
Rewind the clock
Unsay your words
Take them back

My tears are endless
My heart is bleeding
My knees are feeble
My mind is weak
Take back your words
Take away my heartaches
Un-choke me darling
Un-kill my love

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Give Me A Reason

Give me a reason
Give me a sign
You don’t need a reason
The signs are everywhere
Lift the facade and look within
Beneath the glossy glitters
Dwells a hurting heart
Dwells a sweet soul
In need of loving care
In need of a helping hand
From a faithful friend

“Be the change you want to see around you”- Mahatma Ghandhi

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My Heartbeat

Be on the driving seat
But don’t drive me away
Let your hand feel my heart
Can you feel its tempo?
Each beat quickens when you speak
Draw your heart closer to mine
Can you hear it beat?
Every second it beats
It beats for someone special
It beats for you

Daily Prompt: Quicken

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Alone… I Find You

Alone in the secret place under the shadow of Your wings
I find peace beyond understanding
Alone in the boundless depths of Your everlasting grace
I find mercy beyond belief
Alone in Your presence as the morning sun breaks through
I find untold treasures of joy

I am beloved of You, You are jealous for me
I am redeemed by You, You freed me for You
I was saved by You, You are a blessing to me

Alone in Your presence with my heart focused on You
I find strength, faith and love
Alone but not lonely
Alone and not afraid
Alone but not forsaken
Alone, but not despised

Alone in Your presence with my spirit united in You
Cocooned by You
I find You

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O Sacred Heart of Jesus

O sacred heart of Jesus
Pure undefiled
Holy and virtuous
Loving, forgiving
Who is like Him?
O purest heart Divine
Gentle like a dove
Bears no blemish or spot
That loves humanity
But hates their iniquity

O sacred heart of Jesus
Drawing us to Him
Showing us His way
Enlighten our path
With grace and goodness
O purest heart Divine
Keep us close to You
Teach us Your love
Teach us Your life
Mould us to be like You

In response to daily prompt: Sacred

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Lean on Me, Child

Despair and despondency as you hit the peak of your worst nightmare,
You reach out in search of hope, but, you’re like the blind, groping in the dark,
Lost in blank empty thoughts, tears well up and stream down your face endlessly,
Everything you believed in and worked for has crumbled, like a pack of dominoes,
The special delicacy you once relished has lost all its sweetness to your palate,
Life in itself has become a daunting unbearable task, a dark lonely road,
You desperately search for a reason to live and carry on, but you find none.

You cry out in tears,
“Hold me close, never let me go. Let me hear Your voice, only You can save me”.


Then, He replies,
“I’m closer to you than your next breath, I’m here for you. I will help you go through it and give you strength for every step of your journey, I will not desert you.”
“Lean on Me child and I will give you rest”.

Daily Prompt: Relish

The Search for HopeA Sky for You

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Secret Admirer…💝

You hardly notice me,
I constantly stalk you.
We only say hello,
But you fill my thoughts.
I like how you smile,
I fret when you stress,
So crazy about you,
My heart is in chaos.
Help me!

Daily Post: Chaos

The Search for HopeUnrequited LoveFrom Romeo to Juliette

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🎉🎉🎉HURRAY!!! This is my 100th post on this platform. I’m glad I took that first baby step in doing what I love doing. HURRAY!!!🎉🎉🎉

Hold Me Gently

Draw me deeper,
Hold me stronger,

I tend to slip,
When I think I’m standing.

Don’t be fierce,
Don’t be harsh,
Hold me gently;

I tend to break,
When I think I’m strong.

I’ll stand with you,
If you hold my hand.

Don’t be mad,
Don’t belittle,
Treat me gently;

My steps are sure,
If you take the lead.

My heart beats stronger,
When you come for me.

Daily Prompt: Fierce

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I Dream

Peace radiated the whole earth
Like the rays of a golden sunset
Joy, filled the hearts of men
Like the bubbles of the ocean waves
Love overwhelmed mankind
Like the pure love of a parent
Friends, neighbours walking hand in hand
Nations in perfect harmony
Violence was unemployed
Hatred was on exile
Death lost his battle
Sadness, completely forgotten
I saw, I beheld, I rejoiced
I woke up, I yawned and stretched-
Alas! It was but a dream!

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Unrequited love

My leisure time is always with you
When at work I think of you
When on the road, you cloud my thoughts
Away from you my heart cries
But here with you it gladdens my soul
My gold I’ve spent for you
My life I’d spend with you
I’ll cross the Sahara Desert, I’ll climb Everest,
I’ll sail the Pacific…. just say the word
Your faintest wish, my surest  command
You treat me like a guest

Daily Prompt: Guest, Desert

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