Broken Windows



As many hands build a house
So does many hearts make a home

So many shut doors
So many broken windows 
Poker faces and hurting hearts
Drowned dreams and silent sighs

Only love turns a house into a home
Only love draws the heart to its home

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Love Poured Forth


Light a spark in her heart
Watch her love lit up
Hold her heart like an egg
Watch her guard yours
With her life

Her love is like a butterfly
That makes special bonds,
With the petals that receive her
Tenderly and warmly;
She’s not desperate for love;


She is willing to share hers,
She has so much to give
So much more than you know

Only he who gives his heart
Only he who pours out his best
Can enjoy the best of her


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018

Tender Drizzles

Soft tender whispers
Your words
They seep into my heart
I listen
Beautiful, delicious
Like the honeycomb
Sets me at ease
A cosy hug, we share
None willing to untangle
Sweet silence
An eternal cuddle
It seems
Your cheek
Brushes against mine
Caressing faces
Touching noses
Soft strokes
Your hands
Through my hair
A delicate peck
Your lips
On my forehead
I bask in this aura, of love
Feelings, like butterflies
Dancing, fluttering
Inside while we sit
In silence
No words
No actions
Just us and
The ticking clock
Such precious moments
Time, rolling by
Endlessly, it seems
Golden radiance
Heaven’s rays of love
Beaming through
On a summer morning
The day beckons
Slowly, reluctantly
Unwilling, to begin the day
Yet, we rise
But, with joy, a smile
And a mutual, eternal love
For each other
Though apart on sight
Entwined, inseparable
One heart, one soul
We are

Daily Prompt: Tender

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Poet’s Notes:
A love poem I wrote in honour of my 10 years marriage anniversary with my husband this June.

H- Heart

Listen to your heart, your instincts and intuition. Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions and make impulsive decisions. To get the best out of your limited resources, you must have a time to pause and listen to your heart amidst the excitement and adrenaline.

Listen to heart, what can you hear? Sometimes you may feel that you are ready for the next step, but if you listen you may hear your instincts/intuition telling you to wait for so and so. Other times, you may be lolly lagging and dilly dallying, but if you listen you will hear your heart nudging you to go for it.

And a note to believers, you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. Take a pause through those barrage of ideas, thoughts and decisions needing attention, to listen to your heart, what is God telling you to do?

Most of the times, if we tell ourselves the truth, our intuitions are always correct. So let’s not make avoidable mistakes by ignoring the small tugs we feel in our hearts even when it means going against logic or the crowd.

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