Hello, Are You Available?

Are you available?”
To help, to listen,
To lend a hand,
To someone;

Someone in need
At the precipice
Of giving up,
At the brink of
Tipping over
And falling headlong
Into the abysmal pit
Of the three Dees-


Are you available?”
To help, to listen,
To lend a hand;

“Yes, I am”, you say
“But no, you are not”
I know
“How do you know?”,
You ask.

I know, because
Your eyes, your mind,
Your full attention
Are glued
To your phone,
To your gadget;

You did not see
My sad face,
You did not see
The little tears
Running down
My cheeks;

You did not hear
When in a choked voice,
I asked,

Are you available?
To help, to listen
To lend a hand
To me”

Daily Prompt: Precipice

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Author’s notes:
The message is clear. May we not become so engrossed in our gadgets that we neglect and forget to be a blessing to the people around us.

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Reflections From Life #13

Let the past teach and not taunt you
Let the past remind and not ruin you
Let the past correct and not condemn you
Let the past heal and not haunt you
Let the past help and not hinder you
And when you are finally done
Let the past be where it belongs-
In the past

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Give Me A Reason

Give me a reason
Give me a sign
You don’t need a reason
The signs are everywhere
Lift the facade and look within
Beneath the glossy glitters
Dwells a hurting heart
Dwells a sweet soul
In need of loving care
In need of a helping hand
From a faithful friend

“Be the change you want to see around you”- Mahatma Ghandhi

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Lost and Found

I lost my watch
And found my hands
I lost some clothes
And found a family
I lost my shoes
And found my feet
I lost my money
And found myself
I lost my time
And found my friend
I said a prayer
And found my heart
I lost myself
I found the true meaning of living

I became aware of the needs around me
I became aware of the suffering, pain and lack

Through giving I became grateful for what I had
That which I take for granted is a luxury to others

be grateful
learn to give
for by giving
you receive
– writealineblog

Daily Prompt: Aware

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