Finally, Focus On Your Own Journey

Focus on your own journey
Have a healthy competition
Don’t be obsessed with been better
Don’t despise those you are better than
Don’t be arrogant because you are better
Don’t be timid because you’re not better
Every one is on their own journey

On this journey of life,
There will always be winding roads,
Slopes, roundabouts and turns
Traffic hold ups and traffic lights
Hazard lights and accidents
Don’t let these deter, discourage or derail you
Life is never a smooth journey
Life is never a straight course

And so I tell myself,
Focus on your own journey
Get to your own destination
Complete your own targets
Achieve your own goals

Bumps and traffic lights come and go
But the car that keeps driving
Always gets to its destination

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Focus On Your Own Journey (3)

Faster cars overtook me
I also overtook slower cars
But I was bothered why
Certain cars could overtake me
I have come to realise this-
In the game of driving
It’s all about
Overtaking and been overtaken
A car will always be in front of you
Another will always be behind you.
No firsts or lasts.
Then a voice said to me,

“In the journey of life, some will be better and ahead of you, you will be better and ahead of others. No firsts no lasts. Each joins the queue immediately they are born into the journey of life. Each joins when their own time comes”

I continued my journey

(To be continued)

Bumps and traffic lights come and go
But the car that keeps driving
Always gets to its destination 

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Focus On Your Own Journey (2)

Another car drove past me.
I followed it on a steady pace.
It took the same route I would have taken,
We seemed to be going in the same direction,
After 7 minutes, the car took a left turn,
I followed it and went left too.
I had to stop.
That was not my own route.
Then a voice said to me,

“Follow other cars when you can. Learn how they tackle bumps. But have the courage to stop and say ‘No’ when their journey deviates from yours.
Focus on your own journey”

I reversed and continued on my journey.

(To be continued)

Bumps and traffic lights come and go
But the car that keeps driving
Always gets to its destination 

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Focus On Your Own Journey (1)

Driving on the motorway
Hitting 60miles per hour,
Suddenly a car sped past me
Honked me, indirectly saying,
“Move away slow snail”
I reacted.
I increased my speed.
I must retake my position from him!
The more I sped, the more he did!
He veered into the first lane.
A cross junction. Traffics lights.
Red lights. We stopped.
Amber! Green!
Now my time has come,
To quickly hit the gas, but
He turned left and continued his trip.
Anticlimactic emotions.
Then a voice said to me,

“Stop worrying about those who are not on the same journey with you. Drive your own car.
Focus on your own journey.”

I continued my journey

(To be continued)

Bumps and traffic lights come and go
But the car that keeps driving
Always gets to its destination

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J – Journey With Joy

Journey with joy. Remember it’s a journey, so one step at a time. Like every other journey, it may lead to more journeys or it may end at the culmination of the achievement of your goal. So relax, enjoy each process, each stage and get the best out of them. Lap up every step of your journey because you may not have any moments like that again.

Don’t postpone your joy and happiness to when you are one big celebrity with 3 million followers and lots of money. Whether 2 or 20 followers on paper or online, whether low profits margin or little funds raised; or whatever level you achieved in what you’re pursuing, celebrate it with joy, gratitude, bottles of wine and pat on your back. That achievement was deserved, and it’s truly a level accomplished.

It’s a journey, so give it time but don’t be idle; don’t be in a hurry and avoid hasty decisions. Every completed project that lasts a lifetime takes time. Neither the city of Rome nor the Eiffel Tower were built in a day. They took time and so does your dreams. Give it time, and keep doing something daily (See my notes on D- Draw and Do), in a few years, you would have achieved a lot. And you would certainly be glad you didn’t rush things.

“In the end, it is important to remember that we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” –Max De Pree

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It’s Time To Dream…

Let us,
Cast away that comfort blanket
Cast away our fears
Cast away the inundating inertia
Cast away the pain

Let us,
Step into our God given purpose
Step into our destinies
Step into our dreams and aspirations
Take a step of faith

Let us,
Embrace our inner selves
Embrace our uniqueness
Embrace our strengths
Embrace our inner zings

It is time to Dream, to Desire and to Achieve.

Every idea, every project, every dream can be achieved.

Daily Prompt: Blanket

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Journey of The Magi- An Other Version

Shivering in the blistering weather
Undaunted by the onerous journey
Ignoring the warning symptoms
Ravaging through their bodies
They persisted against all odds
In search of the young Messiah

Daily Prompt: Symptom

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Take Your First Step

Every giant stride begins with a step
Every great author begins with a word
Every front-page landmark begins with a stone
Every five-star project begins with a thought

Find your thoughts
Pick up your stone
Write your words
Take your steps

Your journey never starts
Until you get up and start

Daily Prompt: Giant

Hold Me Gently

Draw me deeper,
Hold me stronger,

I tend to slip,
When I think I’m standing.

Don’t be fierce,
Don’t be harsh,
Hold me gently;

I tend to break,
When I think I’m strong.

I’ll stand with you,
If you hold my hand.

Don’t be mad,
Don’t belittle,
Treat me gently;

My steps are sure,
If you take the lead.

My heart beats stronger,
When you come for me.

Daily Prompt: Fierce

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San Bellamino!

I set my course towards the northern pole
In search of such that pleases my soul
A morning voyage with a hopeful mind
My compass tuned to guide my sails
With bitter winds and colds and chills
I lived on little in hunger pangs
With frosty fingers I turned the mast
The pleasure of reward spurred me on
I conquered giants, leviathans and sharks
Amidst tempests, thirsts and wrathful waves
I journeyed through tunnels of seven seas
I searched, I sought, tired and worn out
With sleepless nights and thorny days
There! Alas! I found my joy-
San Bellamino!
My northern coral evergreen island!

Daily Prompt: Voyage, Island, Giant

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

I took a trip to my childhood town, just to relive some childhood memories and probably to satisfy my curiosity on what has gone on so far. To my utter surprise, the town has undergone a total transformation since I was there 19yrs ago, I was about 9yrs old then.

I parked my car in the parking lot of a mall that have now replaced Billy the Bulldog’s farmland, which used to be there before. Quite a big mall though, thronging with customers. Whatever happened to Billy the Bulldog such that his farmland wasn’t there anymore. Money problems? Death in the family? What of his family? I wondered.

As I walked down the street, the next house to Billy’s was owned by an old lovely couple, Peter and Jane. Nana Jane, as we used to call her then, used to make the best apple crumble you could ever taste. Now instead, in its place was a local bank built on the site. Opposite theirs were the houses of my childhood friends- Mimi, Luke, Stella & Sam the twins, Julie and Bobby. We were such a pack in those days, with sleepovers, birthday parties, tree-top houses as well as makeshift tents on the lawns, it was fun. Nostalgic tears bubbling up in my eyes as I stood there reminiscing. My best friend was Stella and I had a crush for her brother Sam; I’d giggle and laugh at every joke he’d said no matter how dumb it was. In place of their houses now is a local grocery store, a petrol station, a Barbershop, a newsagent, another local bank with atm services. What a line up!

Standing at where our house used to be is now a restaurant/cafe. What a transformation! I soliloquised. Well, 19yrs is pretty much a long time, why the grumble? I rationalised.

Daily Prompt: Transformation, Childhood

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My Lifetime Journey…

He prayed. He sought.
He searched. I’m found.
He looked. I blushed.
He talked. I heard.
He asked. I agreed
His ring. I took.
We hugged. We talked.
We planned. We spent.
We found love. We told families.
We got married. We had babies.
We fought. We argued.
We reconciled. We kissed.
We laugh together.
We cry together.
We work together.
We eat together.
We play together.
We pray together.
Nine years together.
We still love each other.
God brought us together.
Lord, keep us together.

(A poem in honour of my 9th wedding anniversary today. Check here for my other blog posts.)

The Music of his love

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Heaven’s Beautiful Shore

Unfriendly tempests around us assail
As we sail to that Beautiful Shore
With God’s Word to lead us forth
Against each tide we will prevail

How we trust our Father’s hand
To lead His children safely home
Fear not Pilgrim, do journey on
Soon on Heaven’s Shore we shall stand

Sweet Holy Spirit give us strength
Sin does beckon with every tide
Draw us near towards Your side
Dark lusty waves are not our friend

Let heaven’s wind bear us on
May our heartfelt prayers prove our course
Each heart rejoicing with praise to God
When we stand on Heaven’s Beautiful Shore

In response to our daily post word: BeachJourney

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