18th November, 2006


There abides three things- hope, faith, love; and the greatest of them is love

Two is better than one they say
I never knew how true
Till I met you

Love is sweet to have they say
I never knew how sweet
Till I loved you

Life is wonderful when you have
someone to share it with
I never knew how true
Till I said,
“I will share my life with you”

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Poet’s Notes:
I was going through my email this morning, deleting my old mails to have more storage space on my device. I came across this poem I wrote for my husband, then fiancé, on the 18/11/2006. I was truly amazed at my words and I was greatly encouraged. This resonates with my post yesterday- The Pen. I’ve completed forgotten that I wrote a beauty like this.

I know in many years to come, I will look back at my blog and my heart would be filled with great gladness when I read my words, my books and many more things I may have penned down.

You Are Not Illusion


Though I cannot see air
Yet, I can’t live without it
Though I cannot touch love
Yet, it flows within my heart

Though I cannot see You
Yet, I cannot live without You
Though I cannot touch You
Yet, You dwell within my heart

You are not an illusion
Father, You are real to me

Daily Prompt: Illusion

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Hello Beautiful

Hello beautiful,
Looking at you
I find sweetness
Into your heart
I descend deeper
I find beauty
Knowing you
A treasure

Daily Prompt: Descend

See also Beautiful Soul

Author’s notes:
There is hidden beauty in everything and everyone we see. We just have to search it out if we want to find it. Also, if you see beauty and sweetness in your dreams and aspirations, you will descend to any level of hard work and dogged determination to work it out and fulfil it.
When you find beauty in whatever you do, work becomes play.

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

I Am Alive

Like a butterfly
Fluttering inside,
Thick walls of
Crumbling down

Into pieces,
When I gave
A free hand, to
My wounded heart
To restore me
To the beautiful life
I once loved
To live,
I live,
I am alive,
Because of

Daily Prompt: Bitter

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Picture Credit: Pixabay

under the blanket…

under the blanket my tears flowed all through the night…

under the blanket I found strength to move on…

under the blanket I wished I didn’t love you…

under the blanket I knew I could still love again…

under the blanket, alone in my world, I decided…

i decided to give love a second chance…

Daily Prompt:  Blanket

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Two Lovebirds

On a bed of tanned soft sandy shores
Under the starless opaque clouds
Sat two lovebirds in a honeymoon snug
Closely, silently, an affectionate hug
Watching the setting sun wave goodbye
While the restless murmuring sea
Hummed in a low non-rhythmic key
Immersed in the tranquil untroubled
No words uttered, none was needed

Daily Prompt: Opaque

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Reflections From Life #8

Love is a wonderful piece of emotion.
It removes the mess in your heart and makes you a champion
It heals your lonely heart and gives you a reason to live
It’s better to love and be hurt than not love at all
Take a chance, love with your whole heart.
It has a way of leaving you better than how you met it.

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

missing you…

came back home…walked into our room…it all reminded me of you…
your clothes…all ironed and hung up…ready to be worn…you are one neatness freak…my eyes caught your car racing books and stuff…neatly stacked on the table…the reminder note you made 3 weeks ago…still affixed on the wall with a magnet…even the bed, I made it exactly how you would normally do…
i sat down on our bed…thought of how so much of you have rubbed off on me…thought of your jokes and sweet cheekiness…you do have a good sense of humour…i always end up giggling and laughing all the time…
when will I see you again?…in two months time…but it feels like eternity…
a tear dropped down my cheek…missing you so much…
then the phone rang…it was you…my heart leaped with joy…
the sound of your voice at the end of the line…as we talked…as you made your silly jokes…your romantic whispers…having you so close now as i tried living in the moment…a healing elixir for my aching heart…

Daily Prompt: Elixir

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Six Word Story Challenge

Wanted- runaway bride,
Transgression- unrequited love

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Authors notes:
Dear reader, I am participating in a 6 Word Story Challenge. This is my attempt on this kind of poetry. To vote for me by liking it or just to participate, you can click this link for details #SixWordStoryChallenge. Thank you.

Out From The Honeycomb…

No love lost between us
Yet we cohabit
A mutual pact
For the greater good

Author’s notes:
Sometimes you may not like where you are, or you may detest your current state of affairs. It may sting you like a bee and you may cry like a baby. Notwithstanding, you decide to carry on with a good heart knowing that out from your unpleasant situation, a greater good will be achieved.

Out from the honeycomb and the bitter bees’ sting, sweet honey comes forth.

Daily Prompt: Bitter

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

When Love Waits


Sitting here with him
In silence
Wrapped in his arms
She’s safe
He looked at her
And smiled
She looked at him
And blushed
No words exchanged
In silence
No need for words
Soul mates
They understood each other
One heart
Their hearts were one
One soul
Their souls were one
Their bodies
Inflamed with romantic desires
and lustful ecstasy
Would soon be in one
A few days
After their marriage vows
Such decision
Not for luck nor for fame
A noble act
In honour of their promise
To wait
To wait for the right time
A noble act
To honour their love for each other
To honour God

Daily Prompt: Luck, Lust
Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Strangers #4

Hello stranger,
How long will I keep chasing you?
When will I stop searching for you?
How long will you keep hiding the truth?
When will you stop pretending?
How long will my heart keep bleeding?
When will I stop crying for you?
Have your love gone cold forever?
Have we become strangers forever?

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

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My Dearest Mother

Dearest mum,

You are my dearest mother
You raised me up with love
You sacrificed your best for me
I was young, careless and stubborn
You loved me all the same
I threw tantrums and shed crocodile tears
You were patient because you understood
Of course you scolded, you warned, you punished
Not because you didn’t care or for the thrill of it
But because your love for me flowed through your veins
You were my cook, my hairdresser, my teacher
My nurse, my nanny, my friend, my captain,… my world
You are my dearest mother

The untimely death of our dad, your husband
Hit our little family below the belt
We were in shock, in tears, in pain and utterly shattered
But, like an indomitable and courageous lioness
You rose up, wiped our tears and took charge of the den
Though you cried, you made sure we laughed
Though you missed him, you were always there for us
Though you had doubts, you made sure we faced life without fear
When we were nervous, your hugs were our calming medicine
Through thick and thin, through tears and laughter
Through times of plenty and times of lack
You carried on, you never gave up nor gave in
Single-handedly you raised four amazing children
From pupils and students to degree holders
From spinsters and bachelors to mothers and fathers
You are my dearest mother

Now, I look after and cater for my children,
I realise my unquestionable and profound love for them
In hindsight I also realise
You loved us absolutely, without a shadow of doubt
Through the years I have realised that
You can replace your home, your pet, your car
You can replace your furniture, your job, money
You cannot replace your mother
I cannot replace you
I don’t want to replace you, because
You are my dearest mother

To all wonderful women out there, this is a toast from one grateful woman to you all, you are doing great. Cheers!!!
Happy International Women’s Day!

Daily Prompt: Nervous

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My Heartbeat

Be on the driving seat
But don’t drive me away
Let your hand feel my heart
Can you feel its tempo?
Each beat quickens when you speak
Draw your heart closer to mine
Can you hear it beat?
Every second it beats
It beats for someone special
It beats for you

Daily Prompt: Quicken

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