Celebrating Mum at 70


Today I’m not writing a poem, but I’m excited to say-
I celebrate my mum who turned 70yrs this month. Having lost my dad at an early age, she became a single mum and raised us (me and my siblings) to the best of her ability. I want celebrate her humility, her soft spoken nature, her godliness, her prayerfulness, her loveliness, perseverance, etc. As a parent, she mastered the art of been stern and sweet over the years.

Today I celebrate all the mums and dads doing an amazing job for their families, working round the clock trying to secure a future for their family.

Today, I celebrate all the single mums and single dads who are just alone in it all, trying to work out and balance everything all by themselves.

Today I celebrate parenthood, brotherhood, sisterhood.

Today I celebrate family.

Happy 70th Birthday My Dear Mother.

Below are two poems I’ve previously written in honour of my Mum.

My Dearest Mother
How Much Is Your Mother?

How Much Is Your Mother?

I belong to one of many whatsapp forums. This morning someone asked a question- Will u slap ur mum for 100,000 U.S dollars?..why and why not?? This is what me and my friend wrote concerning it-

The very thought of her-
Her wrinkly smile and worn out brow,
The now sparse silver strands once called hair,
The sagged skin, pale and withered,
The frail hands that once cradled me,
The croaked voice that once sang sweet lullabies to me…
All assemble to form the most pricelessly absorbing orchestra my ears could ever hear.
She’s an invaluable rare gem, her worth is far above rubies.
A mother in Israel, my own mother. An elder and authority before man and God deserving my utmost respect and unflinching loyalty.

How dare I to lift my hands and strike the one that laboured in pain many days just to give birth to me? How will I answer to God concerning such atrocity? How dare I? For money? What money?

What’s her life worth? A million times higher than the peanuts on offer. An exceedingly insulting and preposterous proposal I should say. And the same answer goes for my late dad too.

It’s very troubling and disconcerting that in our present times, people betray and kill their family for material gain and social status. As the scriptures rightly said, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” (1 Timothy 6:10)

I’d rather be poor with my mother than be rich and hurt her sweet soul; for nothing can measure the price of one’s mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, son, daughter, grandpa, grandma, etc. Nothing can measure the price of one’s family. Nothing whatsoever.

What’s your take on this? What do you think?

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My Dearest Mother

Dearest mum,

You are my dearest mother
You raised me up with love
You sacrificed your best for me
I was young, careless and stubborn
You loved me all the same
I threw tantrums and shed crocodile tears
You were patient because you understood
Of course you scolded, you warned, you punished
Not because you didn’t care or for the thrill of it
But because your love for me flowed through your veins
You were my cook, my hairdresser, my teacher
My nurse, my nanny, my friend, my captain,… my world
You are my dearest mother

The untimely death of our dad, your husband
Hit our little family below the belt
We were in shock, in tears, in pain and utterly shattered
But, like an indomitable and courageous lioness
You rose up, wiped our tears and took charge of the den
Though you cried, you made sure we laughed
Though you missed him, you were always there for us
Though you had doubts, you made sure we faced life without fear
When we were nervous, your hugs were our calming medicine
Through thick and thin, through tears and laughter
Through times of plenty and times of lack
You carried on, you never gave up nor gave in
Single-handedly you raised four amazing children
From pupils and students to degree holders
From spinsters and bachelors to mothers and fathers
You are my dearest mother

Now, I look after and cater for my children,
I realise my unquestionable and profound love for them
In hindsight I also realise
You loved us absolutely, without a shadow of doubt
Through the years I have realised that
You can replace your home, your pet, your car
You can replace your furniture, your job, money
You cannot replace your mother
I cannot replace you
I don’t want to replace you, because
You are my dearest mother

To all wonderful women out there, this is a toast from one grateful woman to you all, you are doing great. Cheers!!!
Happy International Women’s Day!

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Stay Calm, My Dear

“Stay calm, my dear”
“Stay calm??” How can I stay calm??”
“This is the best Christmas gift ever!! And I am sooo loving it!!”

This is one of the many reactions Christmas brings to many homes.

Daily Prompt: Calm

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Motherhood: As I reminince on my life, I realise God has given me a wonderful life and an amazing husband. And when I remember my two honey bunny baby boys, I simply thank God for the gift of motherhood- they are my cherries on top!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top, Baby

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A Mother’s Love

She gives up her name to answer his name
Even though some do retain their maiden names.
Still she gives up her identity somehow;
She gives up her body to bear his babies-
Passes through the inevitable popular 9 month seasons of morning sickness, bloating, constipation, body disfiguring, sleepless nights, demanding attractive partner, silly noisy adorable children, etc. etc. etc.
Which culminates into excruciating labour pains, c-sections, episiotomy, epidural, birth complications, incessant hospital visits,.. until the baby is born… Wow!
Most times, with the demands of childcare she changes her job and puts her career on hold;
She gives in her time to go to work;
She comes back from work and resumes housework/children work- cleaning and cooking, hoovering and dusting, laundry and ironing, assisting with homework, amidst scolding and shouting, loving and caring, quarrels and tantrums, stories at bedtime, hugs and kisses etc etc etc
She ends all that and then, sometimes, resumes marital conjugal duties that same night… Wow!
She hardly gets a “me, myself and I” time; and the next morning the cycle begins again!

I bet you are asking, “Why and how does she do these? What motivates her?”
As a mother, I know the reason behind this is summed up in one word- Love.
The unconditional, unconventional, dynamic, incomprehensible, sacrificial, amazing and wonderful love of a mother.

A mother’s love- the quintessential epitome of sacrifice.

Written In response to our daily post word: Sacrifice, Epitome

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