My Friend for a Lifetime

I have a friend
Sincere and radiantly lovely
Intelligent, greatly wise
With a great sense of humour
God’s gracious gift to me

I have a friend
Gentle and radiantly sweet
I am his beloved
Surely he is mine
God’s loving gift to me

I have a friend
My heart is safe with him
The true love of my life
For worse, for better or for best
God’s perfect gift to me

Dedicated to my beloved husband, my friend for a lifetime.

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

Editable Life

No matter how hard I try sometimes,
To perfect my path, to organise my life…
I try to edit, delete, format, cut…
But, it never stays perfect;
So in irony,
As much as I strive for perfection,…
I accept my imperfections, infallibility,…
And leave my life teachable, editable;…
Journey to perfection.

Daily Prompt: Organized

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

If Only I Rule The World

Unemployment on a massive scale
Joblessness leading to social vices
Leaders preying on the led
Masses looting with impunity
Suicide pacts becoming the norm
Injustice, avarice and depraved perversions
Children abused and neglected
Politicians fibbing to claim and retain positions
The electorate desperate for a saviour
The rich are getting richer,
The poor are getting poorer
Multitudes, multitudes, living in depression

If only I am God, if only I rule the world
I will rearrange the world for sure
And swiftly reward men accordingly
But, sadly or gladly so, I’m not.

Daily Prompt: Rearrange

Light vs DarknessDarknessWaterA Perfect World

Copyrights © Obioma Ijeoma Ibe Writealineblog 2016

A Perfect World?

A perfect home
A perfect health
A perfect body
A perfect car
A perfect boss
A perfect job
A perfect child
A perfect spouse
A perfect house
A perfect holiday
A perfect life
A perfect world

Everybody desires perfection, we work hard, pray hard, study hard, plan hard and think hard. Yet, perfection eludes us like a slippery eel on a slimy bath. There is always a clog somewhere in the wheels. Life is never perfect, has never been. Such is life!

Less grumbling, less whining, more love
Less complaining, less comparing, more love
Less sabotaging, less attacking, more love
Less pity-party, less blame-game, more love
Less stinginess, less unthankfulness, more love

More contentment, more gratitude, more love.

“I was crying I didn’t have shoes till I found one without feet”.

You don’t know the value of what you have till you lose it. Don’t wait till you lose it. Be thankful and cherish it now.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Ours can be greener too if we show it some tender loving care.

Daily Prompt: Perfection