The Beauty of Marriage


“To be your wedded wife,
To have and to hold,
For better and for worse,
In sickness and in health,
No matter what comes our way,
Till death do us part”

These were not shallow words that were said casually, instead they were meant to be true vows of love and commitment before God and men. It truly grieves my heart at the rate of divorce and separation stories we hear daily. We live in an age where commitment in marriage is no more encouraged. It’s no more “for better or for worse, instead couples bolt out at the slightest provocation. If in our times, divorce rates are high, how would our children cope in their own time? It gives me the shudders.

For every home going through challenging times, I pray God will rekindle their first love for each other and give them the grace to forgive each other and the wisdom to work through their differences harmoniously.

To us all, show us afresh the beauty and sweetness of marriage, Amen.”

Daily Prompt: Shallow

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P – Prayer, Perseverance and Patience

Pray about your dreams, your aspirations and how far you want to go in life. Pray about every detail of your plan. Don’t take anything for granted, pray about it.

Does your plan involve writing? Pray for unprecedented inspiration, wisdom, articulated thoughts , creativity, availability of time and resources, etc.

Does your dream involve job creating? Pray for your staff, the building, sourcing of equipment, legal and licensing issues, the local authority or whoever you need to see in furtherance to your plans, etc. Does your plan involve personal growth? Family issues? Your children? Your business/company? Your studies? Your walk with God? Your ministry? Whatever it may be, pray about it.
God is interested in every bit of our lifes and is never too bored with the details. You may say you don’t know how to pray, just take your plans, kneel down and talk to God about them. That’s all there is to it. Pray to Him and empty your desires and deep wishes to Him. “When we delight ourselves in the Lord, He gives us the desires of our hearts” -Psalms 37:4.

Perseverance and Patience. I have to briefly reiterate this point again, you need to persevere in prayer and in waiting. Every good thing takes a while to materialise. Be patient, don’t be in a hurry and miss vital issues and/or opportunities. In time, your patience, perseverance and prayers would surely pay off because somehow and in someway, God still answers prayers.

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The Olympic Champion That Persevered

I cannot stop a bird from flying over my head but I can stop it from perching on my head. I cannot stop the challenges life throws at me, but I can stop them from affecting my heart and mind with negativism and pessimistic attitude. I am not only defined by the details on my passport, I am not defined by the challenges life throws at me, but I am mostly defined by how I choose to react to these challenges.

When life throws hatred, do I choose to hate back? Or do I love?
When life throws hurts and pain, do I chose to revenge? Or do I forgive?
When life throws set backs, barriers, hurdles, walls, etc. do I choose to sit down, grumble, throw a pity party and quit? Or do I choose stand up? If I choose to stand up, I will see the Olympic spectators cheering me on to keep jumping over each hurdle, one jump at a time, till I reach the finish line?

Do I want to be a hater or lover? An avenger or a forgiver? A quitter or the Olympic Champion that persevered despite the odds?
The choice is mine- how I am reacting to the challenges of life is to a great extent how I am permitting others to define and label me.

Daily Prompt: Passport, Champion

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Love Conquers

I don’t want to judge you
I don’t want to criticize you

I know,
You have your reasons
You have to tell me one day

After all,
You don’t judge a book by its cover
You don’t judge a story by the author

So now,
For my sake I will still love you
For love conquers all

Daily Prompt: Criticize, Conquer

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