The Unlikely Candidate

Today is an epic day in the history of America. Donald John Trump, the most unlikely candidate becomes the 45th President of USA. Permit me to say a couple of things.

I’ve come to discover that despite the email/Clinton/FBI saga, despite the acclaimed or alleged help by the Kremlin, I believe that one the reasons why he won was because he spoke out his mind. Sincerity and honesty is a trait you hardly find in politicians and the populace are fed up with politicians masking and hiding the truth.
But unlike the regular politician, he’s just an ordinary family man with no experience or exposure to politics and politicking, a businessman who decides to run for the Oval Office. And he did succeed against the odds.

Unlike the regular politician, Trump instead says it as it is. Too crude and blunt at times, he’s quite audacious in saying out loud what many are thinking in their minds but not bold enough to speak out. Even his inaugural speech, according to the media pundits, was not masked or ambiguous. It was clearly conveyed and expressed with no political jargons or rhetorical embellishments. Just to be clear, I’m not a Trump supporter but I’m a Christian and I believe America needs to restore its core Christian values. Some of his policies like abortion I agree with, but I disagree with his discriminatory tendencies. So this is just a personal observation.

Deep down inside of us we all admire people who are outspoken and are not afraid to say the truth. We don’t respond well to people who massage our egos, patronise us with sweet enticing words and hide the true state of their hearts with fake smiles and fizzy handshakes. We don’t like hypocrites, pretenders and sycophants. We usually root for the real, down-to-earth, honest-speaking ones.  As President Trump starts his job today, let’s hope that he remains true to his good promises; let’s pray he doesn’t turn into a regular politician who would do anything for a second term in office.

Daily Prompt: Exposure

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Media Bludgeoning

Thinking about this mid 18th century word with an uncertain origin and all I could think of is phrases like “bludgeoned to death by a mob” or “bludgeoned to slavery and a life of hardship”. The word may seems a bit far-fetched and like me, you may be struggling to think of something to write. But I’ve just discovered that the word is much nearer to us than we think.

Today we are bludgeoned by the media and our thought process are subtly and surely becoming affected if not changed. We are bludgeoned by the vivid pictures of naked or scantily dressed men and women, which have ricocheting effects in the mind or makes it acceptable and fashionable to dress as such.
We are bludgeoned with constant biased news about politicians and elections, hence we kind of make up our minds who we support based on the leaning of that medium.
We are bludgeoned about wars in many countries and altercations between political leaders which makes us develop, so to say, righteous anger, but we are not even given the full picture of the power tussle and political mind games played behind closed doors.
We are bludgeoned with zero sized models who have perfect bodies, hair and face which leaves many of us in the plus size range feeling inadequate and probably less human.
We are bludgeoned with many try-your-luck programs or indirect gambling where you win large amounts of money just by answering the right questions or picking the right numbers, which leaves many hopefuls quitting jobs and foregoing the core values of hardwork, commitment, patience and perseverance.

Everyday we are bludgeoned with information, documentaries, movies and stories, though seemingly harmless but content-packed with messages or lessons that could be regarded impertinent if said in person. It’s not going to stop, it’s getting worse and will keep getting worse. The question then is, what are we going to do about it?

Daily Prompt: Bludgeon

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