It’s Time To Dream…

Let us,
Cast away that comfort blanket
Cast away our fears
Cast away the inundating inertia
Cast away the pain

Let us,
Step into our God given purpose
Step into our destinies
Step into our dreams and aspirations
Take a step of faith

Let us,
Embrace our inner selves
Embrace our uniqueness
Embrace our strengths
Embrace our inner zings

It is time to Dream, to Desire and to Achieve.

Every idea, every project, every dream can be achieved.

Daily Prompt: Blanket

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Reflections From Life #10

Repetition leads to perfection. No one becomes a master by doing it once. Amateurs became champions because they practiced and practiced. Practice makes perfect. Practice makes permanent. Practice makes the best. Practice produces geniuses out of ordinary folks. If I want to be the best, then I must keep up with my daily practice of that which I want to excel in.

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017