It’s No Secret-

It’s no secret- I’m in love with pink
Even before purple I always choose pink

Aforetime dressed in brown, black or blue
Cared less and hardly chose the pinky hue
There was no colour fuss or much ado
When as a typical teenage girl I grew

Suddenly, somehow, I woke up one day
And fell madly in love with pink that day
Thus when I checked and saw today’s prompt
I shouted with glee, “What a lovely prompt!”
My pinky girly heart leapt up in heaps
To tell you my story I found so much ease

So if you want to take a closer look
You will find some pink in every nook

From my jewellery box to my gear stick cover
From my bathing towel to my steering wheel cover
From my Minnie pyjamas to my peep toes and flats
From my bouncy trainers to my spotty work bags
Toothbrush, body sprays, etc. the list is endless
My love for pink would never wane, it’s endless

My dear sweet son, God bless him, I pray
“I know you love pink, isn’t it Mummy?” he’ll say
What makes me give pink such selective attention?
I can’t seem to figure out any explanation!

Hence I’ve told you a bit about me in pink
For it’s no secret- I’m in love with pink

Daily Prompt: Pink

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

A Symbiotic Sensation

He flies with a purposeful buzz
He spots her in the fields
Displaying herself like a peacock
In bright delicate purple petals
Eagerly, he draws closer
How beautiful she looks
As she invites him in
She needs him
She needs the fresh pollen dusts
He needs her
He needs her sweet nectar
Like a gentleman
He perches on the royal petal
Soft and smooth like a feather
He must treat her gently
He inserts his proboscis
He tenderly sucks
She yields to his demands
She doesn’t hold back
An exchange-
A symbiotic sensation
A scientific fulfilment
Hinging on a mutual bond
He strokes her petals
She flaps in content
And bids him farewell
As she proceeds to pollinate
He responds with a last glance
As he proceeds home
To give the sweet nectar
To his beloved queen

Daily Prompt: Symbiosis, Purple

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017