My Beautiful One

Wonderful, adorable, my precious wife,
God blessed my life the day I met you,
Excelling and the best, my leading lady,
Virtuous and noble; pure with a sweet heart,
Everything about you is beautiful.

You are beautiful
You are gorgeous
My best friend
My Wonder Woman
You are beautiful
You are gorgeous
My sweet wife
My soulmate
Everything about you is beautiful

As I renew my vows to you today before everyone,
I pledge my commitment and faithfulness once again,
It’s been 10 years with you my rare gem,
Forever, till death part us, it shall be,
Because, everything about you is beautiful.

Daily Prompt: Renewal

Copyrights © Obioma Ijeoma Ibe Writealineblog 2016

Unrequited love

My leisure time is always with you
When at work I think of you
When on the road, you cloud my thoughts
Away from you my heart cries
But here with you it gladdens my soul
My gold I’ve spent for you
My life I’d spend with you
I’ll cross the Sahara Desert, I’ll climb Everest,
I’ll sail the Pacific…. just say the word
Your faintest wish, my surest  command
You treat me like a guest

Daily Prompt: Guest, Desert

Copyrights © Obioma Ijeoma Ibe Writealineblog 2016

From Romeo to Juliette

Dear Juliette,

Speak to me and let me listen, in words and ways I can understand
Share your heart with me and let me into your world
Each time I try getting closer, I see the walls you built around you
The hurts of the past are so evident in your eyes
Your feet have lost their majestic gaits
You don’t love anymore, you don’t trust anymore
Love is not enough you say
But my love will be more than enough you’ll see
My love will intoxicate you and kiss away your pains
I want to understand your heart, your mind, your soul
What makes you smile and that I’ll do everyday
What makes you sad and that I’ll surely avoid
What motivates you and I’ll take you there
What hinders you and I’ll shield you from it
Where are you from? I’ll respect your past
Where are you going? We shall face the future together
Hand in hand we shall ride the storm together
And sit on the sunny beach together as one happy couple
Hand in hand for I will not let go of your hand
If only you will let me into your world
If only you will let me understand you

In anticipation I await your response,
Your Romeo.

Daily Prompt: Understanding, Companion, Storm

Copyrights © Obioma Ijeoma Ibe Writealineblog 2016