Fabrics Fit For The Master’s Use


Like a fabric, on tenterhooks
I have been stretched
To the limits of my yarns,

Though stressed, starched, stretched
Hung out in the scorching sun,
I will not be torn
I will not be broken
I will not lose faith

For when this ordeal is over
My Master will unhook me,
From the heat of the scorching sun
I will return to the coolness of the home;

There, I will be a great fabric of honour
Washed, and purified from stains,
Fit for my Master’s purpose;

For you see, in a great man’s mansion
There are different types of fabrics,
Fabrics for kings, fabrics for floors,
Fabrics of honour, fabrics of lesser honour,

If I must remain a fabric of honour
I must keep myself immaculate and undefiled,
From the stains of sin and selfishness,
From the stains of worldliness and ungodliness.


(Inspiration for this poem came from 2 Timothy 2:20-21)

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Alas, Spring!

See the last of the snowflakes melting away
Feel the fresh wind caressing your cheeks
Bask in the rising radiant sun glowing on your skin
Smell tender daffodils blooming from the earth
Be immersed in this anticipated transition
Alas, at last, Spring beckons

Daily Prompt: Immerse

Copyrights © Obioma Ibe Writealineblog 2017

A Jolly Merry Feast Ruined


A perfect day for picnic
The table is set
Friends are chatty
The music is groovy
Midday is dawning


You loudly growl and grumble
In deafening thundering rumble
They look up to behold
Your cloudy face once sunlit and sunny
Turning dark, grey and stormy
Displaying swift sparks of lightning
Like the king of the sky, you don’t hesitate
As you release your drenching showers
They scamper and scurry for covers
Hurdled under some makeshift shade
They stand or sit but stare and ponder-

A jolly merry feast, ruined

Daily Prompt: Hesitate, Scamper

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I Dream

Peace radiated the whole earth
Like the rays of a golden sunset
Joy, filled the hearts of men
Like the bubbles of the ocean waves
Love overwhelmed mankind
Like the pure love of a parent
Friends, neighbours walking hand in hand
Nations in perfect harmony
Violence was unemployed
Hatred was on exile
Death lost his battle
Sadness, completely forgotten
I saw, I beheld, I rejoiced
I woke up, I yawned and stretched-
Alas! It was but a dream!

Copyrights © Obioma Ibe Writealineblog 2016

Yellow Sun

Radiant sun, Oh yellow beam
Scorching rays and golden glows
Brighter, fairer, illuminating
Faster than the speed of sound
When you come, men rise to tasks
When your go, men fall to slumbers
Blazing down with scorching heat
Or behind the clouds you hide
Sought after by many and all
Yet alone you dwell up high
Till time is no more
Amazed, awed, astounded, I am

Daily Prompt: AweYellow

Copyrights © Obioma Ijeoma Ibe Writealineblog 2016

My African Experience

Yes, I’m an African, no need to bore you with the details
But when I think of chaos, my lovely country comes to mind.

Imagine this-
43°C hot scorching sun burning and bearing down on your skin,
Leaving you clammy, soaked and almost drowning in your sweat
Car horns blaring your ears to deafness;
Traffic signs and lights broken down completely
With no hope for repairs,
Hence, cars blaring their way through traffic
With one traffic warden directing traffic on a cross-road??
Two or more drivers arguing with one another
Over who is at fault for the accident that just occurred,
With no insurance cover, anything can happen;
While too many public transport bikes popularly called “Okada”
Zoom past traffic so noisily, with some meandering manoeuvres

Public buses crammed with the sweaty and smelly;
Food hawkers calling out for some patronage;
Sirens blaring down the road demanding cars give way-
Sirens of the governor’s entourage not the emergency services;
People crossing roads at different angles and sides
Irrespective of the apparently busy road;
Bus conductors screaming bus stops names,
Shouting on passengersto board or alight,
As well as screaming the bus fare in their ears;
Refuse and dirt lying about here and there;
Electric generators humming outside every house and office
Due to no electric power supply, emitting poisonous gases;
Endless queues of cars and jerrycans at the petrol station
Due to shortage, scarcity and even hoarding of petrol;
Taxi driver and passenger on one corner in a heated argument
Over over-priced fare and non-payment of stipulated fare;
Now, that’s Chaos!

Some towns have achieved a certain 3rd grade sanity,
But others are still victims with no hope in sight.

Nevertheless, I still love my country warts and all
For there’s no place like home sweet home

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2016

The Shadow of His Presence

Deep in the cove of the Almighty
Dwells the shadow of His presence

Therein we shall hide
Therein we shall abide
And with one voice we proclaim-
The Lord our Strong Tower
The Lord our Hiding place
In Him, our confidence lies
In Him, our strength is sure

Let storm rage and the tides rise
Let the sun scorch on an arid desert land
Let the thunders strike and the rains descend
Let the wind howl on winding path
Whatever life throws our way, our song will remain

In Him, our confidence lies
In Him, our strength is sure

In response to our daily post word: Shadow, Desert

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2016

But Hope Rises…

Pandemonium breaks lose and screams pierce the still air. Despair springs to action and endurance is eliminated. Reasons fail the sane and all leap into abyss of blame and self-pity. Nightfall and nightmares assails the imagination.

But hope rises with the morning sun, it’s golden rays dispelling dark thoughts into the alley. Ideation rescues the bound and sets them free to believe in tomorrow, free to hope for their fairy tale ending.

Daily Post: Hope, Chaos, Panicked

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