To Be The Best


Hold tenaciously to the dream,
Don’t let it slip away with the clouds
Nothing comes by accident
No good thing comes without hard work

Substandard attitude is not an option
If we must reach for skies

To be good
Is not good enough
To be better
Is better than good
To be the best
In the best there is to be

Dream. Desire. Achieve.

Happy New Month.

Daily Prompt: Substandard

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Reflections From Life #9

The proof of desire is pursuit.
The proof of pursuit is the tenacity to grasp and hold on firmly despite countless adversarial conditions that assail within and without.
The proof of tenacity is the unflinching state of a focused mind.
The proof of a focused mind is the outward and overt expressions of a determined resolve to consistently feed on unadulterated resources that empower the desires.
The proof of desire is pursuit…

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017