Wait For Time

Empty hollow promises
Filling the void of the

Swiftly, swept away
By the floods of the
Morning dew

Leaving behind
Piercing echoes of

How Time flees
Bearing on her wings
Agonies of Yesterday

Pain lingers on Today
Tommorrow, a sure harbinger
For Freedom

Wait for Time

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Don’t Stop Believing

Don’t stop believing in yourself.
Don’t stop believing in God
Who makes all things possible
And beautiful in His time.

Don’t stop believing
In your dream,
In who you truly want to be.

All around you
A ton of brick walls,
Nothing seems to work,

All you have now is nothing
But your faith,

Hold on to that faith

Don’t let it go
Don’t stop believing in yourself

Dream. Desire. Achieve

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The Horsemen



The tides are turning 
The horsemen are coming,
That which was once afar
That has caught up at last,
Folded tools to digging holes
Folded shirts to sweaty hands,
Hardy Horsemen!
Emissaries of Strength!
Bearing hope to feeble strides!
Bearing faith to doubtful hearts!
We waited, we prayed
We believed, we planned,
Time and his horsemen are coming
Harbingers of dreams come true;

We dared to believe in God
We dared to stand and fight 
We shall do our part 
When Time comes
Will surely do His part, Our God


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Happy Birthday!!




Once a toddler…
Great prospects ahead…







Now the aged…
Her time is nigh…




The brevity, impermanence and transitory nature of time.

Time, like an ever-rolling stream bears all its sons away;
They fly forgotten as a dream; dies at the opening day.
O God our help in ages past, our hope for years to come,
Be Thou our guard while life shall last, and our eternal home.
(Hymn- O God our help in ages Past)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta

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J – Journey With Joy

Journey with joy. Remember it’s a journey, so one step at a time. Like every other journey, it may lead to more journeys or it may end at the culmination of the achievement of your goal. So relax, enjoy each process, each stage and get the best out of them. Lap up every step of your journey because you may not have any moments like that again.

Don’t postpone your joy and happiness to when you are one big celebrity with 3 million followers and lots of money. Whether 2 or 20 followers on paper or online, whether low profits margin or little funds raised; or whatever level you achieved in what you’re pursuing, celebrate it with joy, gratitude, bottles of wine and pat on your back. That achievement was deserved, and it’s truly a level accomplished.

It’s a journey, so give it time but don’t be idle; don’t be in a hurry and avoid hasty decisions. Every completed project that lasts a lifetime takes time. Neither the city of Rome nor the Eiffel Tower were built in a day. They took time and so does your dreams. Give it time, and keep doing something daily (See my notes on D- Draw and Do), in a few years, you would have achieved a lot. And you would certainly be glad you didn’t rush things.

“In the end, it is important to remember that we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” –Max De Pree

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Time heals the past and shapes the future
Time amends mistakes and mends wounds
Time can be your best buddy or your worst foe
You can make it work for you
Or spend your lifetime trying to catch up
Maximise time and be resourceful
Invest in yourself and improve your worth
Make time your best friend and let it teach you
To achieve your goals time is a prerequisite

Daily Prompt: Heals

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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Nature abhors a vacuum.
-If we don’t stand up for something, we will fall for anything.
-If we don’t make effort to teach our children, someone else will teach them.
-If we don’t make out time for our families, someone or something else will make time for them.
-If we don’t fill our life with the appropriate things, inappropriate things will seep into it and take over them.
-If we don’t fill our time with something useful, something else will fill it up.
-If we don’t make extra effort to fulfill our dreams and destinies, we will settle for less.
Nature abhors a vacuum.

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Lord, Teach Me…

Lord, teach me…

To be prudent with words
Not brazen nor careless
Thoughtful words, seasoned with grace

To be prudent with money
Not frivolous nor foolish
A wise saver, a generous giver

To be prudent with food
Not greedy nor wasteful
A spartan eater, eating for strength

To be prudent with time
Not lazy or idle
Industrious, redeeming the time

To be prudent with people
Not proud or contentious
Peaceful, loving everyone

To be prudent with You
Not arrogant or self-centred
Obedient, following after Your heart

Daily Prompt: Prudent

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Strolling down a path in the park
 I am reminded of how winding life can be
Yellow beams from the setting sun
I am reminded of the brevity of time
Watching a mother cuddle her child
I am reminded of the great gracious love of God
Watching the children play hide and seek
I am reminded of how carefree my mind should be
Staring into the dark quiet sky with speckles of stars
I am reminded of how peaceful the world should be

Daily Prompt: Yellow

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Change and Glow

Change is subjective
Change can be good
Change can be bad
Depends on what you want to see;
Change is inevitable,
And change is a constant
It’s always on the move
Like the second hand on my grandfather’s clock;
When we reject good change, we stop growing
When we accept great change, we start learning
When we avoid good change, we miss opportunities
When we embrace great change, we choose the path
To learn from life and gain insights
Define your change, choose your moves
Know your limits, excel to the limits
Add some aesthetics, sprinkle in some glitter
Beautify your life, change and glow
Always change for the better
And be smarter when you change

Daily Prompt: Aesthetic, Glitter

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Valued Added Type

Every product on the shelf in any grocery store is valued based on the pice and the Value Added Tax placed on it. Comparatively, every life on this earth is valued based on the price and the VAT added to it. Well, unlike the Value Added Tax from the unwelcomed tax man, mine is rather a “Value Added Type“.

The price you place on your life and the type of value you add to it depends entirely on you. As the saying goes, “how you dress is how you are addressed”; how you project your life is how the world will perceive it. Nobody is a mind reader, hence, we only react based on how you act.

If the price you place on your life is based on the notions of low esteem, low self confidence, not worth more than a farthing, just getting by, living by the penny till the next pay date, just an average person, just an ordinary fella, got nothing to give, etc. then, the type of value you will add to it will be next to nothing. You may have great talents and potentials but if you don’t see your life as worth something, you will see nothing to fight for and will lose the battle even before the war actually started.

On the contrary, if the price you place on your life is worth more than a thousand diamonds, if you know that you are unique and special, that’s there’s only one you on this whole earth, you’re the only original God made and there’s no fake or duplicates anywhere, that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God, that you are beautiful, that you can change your community and your world, that you can make a difference in someone’s life, that someone’s victorious song depends on you, that you are a hope, a hero and an inspiration to someone; then you will make every effort to add to it the type of value it sure deserves. If you know this, you will get up and fight for your life, for your love, for your passion, for your dreams and aspirations.

By the time you have added all the necessary quality values to your life, you will become someone people love, look forward to see and to hear, someone they aspire to be like. You will have something to give back to your community, to your world. You will be a beacon of hope, of light, of courage, of faith, of love, of perseverance and of encouragement.
20 years after you’ve gone, your name would have become indelible in the sands of time and more importantly, you would still be remembered, you would still be making a great difference in the lifes of many.

Think about your life: what’s your price? What’s your Value Added Type?

Daily Prompt: Value

Good Morning, Meli

Good morning Meli” and Meli his cat meowed back.

His morning began with a run on the treadmill, a hot shower, he set down food and milk for Meli, grabbed a toast and a mug of latte, then bolted out of the house.
Bought fuel on his way to work and drove to work. Got to the office, had a team meeting, a managers’ meeting and several clientele meetings.

Midday- typed up paperwork in his office, sent emails, replied emails, made calls, received calls, and supervised a junior colleague on sales management.
Walked a couple of blocks, had lunch, came back to the office.
Drove downtown to meet a prospective client, drove another 2 miles to showcase a couple of estates to prospective buyers.
Drove back to the office, briefed his boss amongst other discussions that came up.

Evening- More clientele meetings in the office, more paperwork, more emails and many telephone conversations.
Drove home, made tea for himself and for Meli, had a shower, read a book and dozed off on the sofa.

Night- Unstoppable time! 24hrs is not just enough! He moaned. If only I could make it stop! He thought as he reluctantly dragged himself up from the sofa and crashed on his bed.

“Goodnight Meli” and Meli meowed back in contentment.

Daily Prompt: Unstoppable

God- My Constant

Through the changing phases of my world and the different stages of life,
Through the motions of the day and the slumberings of the night,
Through the fearful forests of the unknown and the steeply stairs of the known,
Through the innocent tantrums of childhood and the rebellious times of teenagehood,
Through the lone days of spinsterhood and the busy times of parenthood,
Through the moments of painful lacks and the seasons of joyful feasts,
Through the unpredictability of life’s course and the certainty of death’s alley
Amidst the hurts, joys, heartbreaks, blessings, challenges, setbacks, disappointments, promotions, etc. etc.
I find One who is always constant, always reliable, ever faithful, ever loving, unchanging, unfailingly, no sleeping nor slumbering, all-sufficient, all-powerful, our ever present help in time of need, He never leaves us nor forsakes us,
He is the Lord our God and we can trust Him.
He is my Constant in an ever variable world.


In response to the daily prompt: Phase, Childhood

Time to Go! Time to Go!

Brick by brick they built the Tower of Babel. Labouring under the sun and under the rain, attempting to build a tower to the heavens, to see God they claimed. How is that even possible?

I see her everyday labouring, brick by brick trying to build up a relationship that has moved on. Like the people of Babel, she believed he’ll take her back again.

She spends her money, her time and makes great effort for them to be “the couple” again. Living in denial and blinded by her emotions, she refused to see he was only using her.

Until one day, she met him with a lady with packed suitcases, “Meet my fiancée, Melissa”, he said, “We are on our way to Venice for a holiday, catch you later“.

She suddenly realised one painful heartbreaking truth- he has moved on, she has to forget him and move on too. Time to go!

In response to the daily prompt: Brick, Later


The callousness of the perpetrator
The unfaithfulness of a partner
The tears of the broken-hearted
The gnawing pain in the heart
The disintegration of a loving unit
The devastation of loved ones
The unbearable pain at discovery
The inevitable meltdown of friendships
The breach of trust and confidence
The crush of plans and projects
The fright of the victim
The guilt of the villain
The bane of the society

The bruises of today becomes the scars of tomorrow
The lessons of today becomes the wisdom for tomorrow
The victims of today becomes the teachers of tomorrow


Scars, Disappointment