A- Ask Questions

Ask questions– This is the starting point in achieving your dreams. Many a time we have dabbled into things only to realise it’s not really for us. So ask yourself-
What do I like doing? What is my passion? What excites me and makes me tick?
Is it something I would love to carry on for the rest of my life? Or a momentary project? Where do I see myself in 10 years time?
How can I break even and shine with this? Is it expandable? Can I grow this passion?
Why am I doing it? To please someone for to self fulfilment? Am I doing it because it’s popular? Is it for money? For honour?

Ask yourself these and any other relevant question; try and find out their answers honestly. Be true to yourself and the answers would lead you to a path of personal discovery and truth. As they say, an inquisitive mind never gets lost.

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The Unlikely Candidate

Today is an epic day in the history of America. Donald John Trump, the most unlikely candidate becomes the 45th President of USA. Permit me to say a couple of things.

I’ve come to discover that despite the email/Clinton/FBI saga, despite the acclaimed or alleged help by the Kremlin, I believe that one the reasons why he won was because he spoke out his mind. Sincerity and honesty is a trait you hardly find in politicians and the populace are fed up with politicians masking and hiding the truth.
But unlike the regular politician, he’s just an ordinary family man with no experience or exposure to politics and politicking, a businessman who decides to run for the Oval Office. And he did succeed against the odds.

Unlike the regular politician, Trump instead says it as it is. Too crude and blunt at times, he’s quite audacious in saying out loud what many are thinking in their minds but not bold enough to speak out. Even his inaugural speech, according to the media pundits, was not masked or ambiguous. It was clearly conveyed and expressed with no political jargons or rhetorical embellishments. Just to be clear, I’m not a Trump supporter but I’m a Christian and I believe America needs to restore its core Christian values. Some of his policies like abortion I agree with, but I disagree with his discriminatory tendencies. So this is just a personal observation.

Deep down inside of us we all admire people who are outspoken and are not afraid to say the truth. We don’t respond well to people who massage our egos, patronise us with sweet enticing words and hide the true state of their hearts with fake smiles and fizzy handshakes. We don’t like hypocrites, pretenders and sycophants. We usually root for the real, down-to-earth, honest-speaking ones.  As President Trump starts his job today, let’s hope that he remains true to his good promises; let’s pray he doesn’t turn into a regular politician who would do anything for a second term in office.

Daily Prompt: Exposure

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Guess What Soup

Two friends went into a diner to eat. They decided, amongst other things, to order a bowl of soup each. To their surprise, there was no specific named soup on the menu list. Instead of the usual “tomato soup” or “cream of mushroom”, what they saw was “Guess What Soup”. This spurred up their curiosity and they decided to leap in and go for it.
Some minutes later when they tasted the soup, although they realised it was probably some form of vegetable soup, it lived up to their expectations and was worth the venture. They probably would not have gone for the soup if it was labelled and spelled out on the menu list.

In life, we tend to react and behave towards others based on the tag or label others have placed on them. Also, we ourselves, tag and label people based on some exterior perceptions we have surmised for ourselves which may be quite far from the truth.
We hardly have time or even make out time to find out for ourselves who these people really are, why they act they way they do and what’s inside of them.

We must learn to discard these pre-judged labels and just get to know someone better. We must learn to give everyone the benefit of the doubt until the contrary is proven. Most times when we do, we find out that just like that “Guess What Soup”, some people are made of better inner qualities than we give them credit for.

Daily Prompt: Vegetal

Staying healthy

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Sincerity on the Test

Over the years you became friendly with a couple, Johnny and Maggie. They had no child of their own. You were very supportive to them throughout their years of pain and struggle. They finally decided and adopted a beautiful baby girl whom they totally adored and gave the best of the best.

Several donkey years down the line, at the age of 75, Johnny suffered divers severe health challenges and his life gradually deteriorated. Consequently, he spent his last years in the hospital. One particular evening, surrounded by his ageing wife Maggie, their adopted daughter Leah and her children, and you as well, Johnny was very happy and content with his loved ones around. As everyone waved jolly good byes, Johnny managed and told you to wait for some minutes.

When you came back, he said, “Ellie, please tell Maggie I’m sorry”.
“What do you mean by that, Johnny?”, you asked looking perplexed.
“Listen”, he began. “Leah is truly my daughter, I arranged for her to be adopted into my family. It was only a one night stand but I’ve lived with the guilt all these years and I want to go away in peace.” Ignoring your wide-eyed look he continued, “Her real mother was a model and didn’t want to keep her. Having Leah has been a source of untold joy to us and great pain for me. If only she came from Maggie but, I just couldn’t let her real mother remove the pregnancy. So…, I took care of all the expenses. Please, tell Maggie I’m sorry I betrayed and cheated on her sweet soul, tell her to forgive me,… and to continue to give Leah her best love”.
“But Johnny…” you said, not that you really had anything else to say but Johnny raised his hands and signalled you to stop. Then, he closed his eyes and said, “I need to rest, I’m tired. Make sure you tell Maggie this painful truth, please. I just couldn’t bear the look on her face if I’d told her myself “. With a sigh of relief, he closed his eyes to sleep.

You left his hospital bed, in a state of bewilderment and shock. Next morning, still trying to figure out how to tackle the gloomy task, your phone rang. It was Maggie. You hesitated but finally picked the phone. “Ellie”, she said, her voice sounding frail at the of the receiver, “Ellie, he’s gone. My dear Johnny is gone…” she sobbed softly. Tears streamed down your face as you realised how daunting your task will be.

If you were Ellie what will you do?
Will you be sincere with your best friend Maggie and tell her the truth in honour of a dead man’s last wish?
Or will you shield her from the truth by keeping quiet, hence not disturbing her sweet memories of her late husband and letting her mourn him peacefully?

Daily Prompt: Sincere

Betrayal From Romeo to Juliette18th June, 1994

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Light Has Come!


Deep in the tunnels of rage
Bound in the chains of hate
Darkness surrounding like a gate
Hear the voice of the Holy One-
Light has come!

Drowning in the oceans of sin
Buried in its seabed within
Lust enslaving like a gin
Hear the voice of the Holy One-
Light has come!

Crouching in the corners of guilt
Ashamed with the depth of your filth
Hiding in the covers of your quilt
Hear the voice of the Holy One-
Light has come!

Wallowing in wounds of the past
Vowing to avenge with a blast
Pining with emotions of downcast
Hear the voice of the Holy One-
Light has come!

May the Light of the gospel shine into our hearts and draw us nearer to the Lord, Amen.

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