Footsteps in the Dark #3

After some safe distance on the road, she glanced behind again and was assured to know she wasn’t followed even though the sheer thought of walking down a lonely road in the dark etched some growing concerns in the corners of her mind.

Her running now reduced to a walk she thought- “Where am l?, What am I doing here?” Her recollections was of no help. She purposely glanced around her as if in search of anything familiar but nothing made sense to her. She was faced with a stretch of an isolated road marked with long trees and heavily lowly branches along the sides. And that constant howling of the wind didn’t help soothe her fears.

If only she could find some shelter to rest her aching feet, but unfortunately none seemed in sight. About 10 minutes later even though it seemed like eternity to her, she heard the sound of a car approaching behind her. She looked behind and saw the flashlights getting nearer. Contemplating whether to wave or not, but compelled by hunger for food, thirst for water, and some form of shelter for her fatigued body, she couldn’t resist waving the car down.

The car stopped beside her, a man was driving with an older lady at the back. “Please can I get ride to the nearest gas station or grocery store? She asked them. “Oh definitely darling, hop in” replied the woman smiling at her. The lady seemed nice but what if they knew the dark figure in the forest? What if they are his accomplices? Can she trust them? Countless valid questions but her mind was too tired to process them. She will take her chances and with that she closed the door as she went inside the car, hence not spotting that hint of a split-second mischievous grin on the driver’s face.
(To be continued)

Daily Prompt: Water, Darkness, Knackered

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Drips and drops
Flows and floods
Tons of you topples a city
Lack of you starves a nation
Dolphins spout and play in you
Camels seek and search for you
Sailors bask in your vast providence
Farmers depend on your bountiful showers
Surf it! Freeze it! Sprinkle it! Boil it! Drink it! Spit it!
You comfortably occupy about seventy percent of our world
For our world, our lives, our very essence cannot do without you

Daily Prompt: Water