Sparkling Peach

FFDD3935-30E0-4423-B8C8-A8BFBFD049E8  Standing tall, you impose

F87E2C53-7CFE-4274-A3F6-540595EB5F3A  A quenching toast, you disclose

3E9E0B2F-E005-4755-A5AF-39F76C81782F  Towering high, you repose

176691E3-2537-4328-BB35-E93C93313276  Like a mirror, exposed

1B805F8B-32A8-4E41-AAEA-31BD22768BD9  Sparkling peach, for you a poem, I compose

Liquids and angles. Photo taken with iPhone 7 Plus on Christmas Day. The wine is Schloer non-alcoholic drink.

#Weekly Photo Challenge 


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Neon Fountains


These are little water fountains glowing with neon lights from underneath giving them beautiful variations of colours. I took the pictures at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester during this last Christmas. Altogether, I took 233 pictures using panorama features on my iPhone. 😀😀 I was struck by their beauty. These are a few of them.

You can watch it here. I found this link on YouTube.

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018