The Rauch

He took me to an open desert plain. It was a windy day, so windy it was almost violent.

“Come,” said the teacher. He was asking me to walk against the wind’s blowing. So I did.

“What is it like to walk against the wind?” he asked.

“It’s a struggle,” I replied.

“In the language of Scripture,” he said, “the word for wind is ruach. But it has another meaning; it also means the Spirit. In Hebrew, the Holy Spirit is the Holy Wind. So what happens if you walk against the wind?”

“It creates drag. It becomes harder to walk and you get tired.”

“In the same way,” he said, “when you walk against the Spirit, it creates a drag on your life. Everything you do becomes harder. It takes more energy to do less. So when you go against His Spirit, you’re fighting against the Wind. And you can’t walk against the direction of the Wind without getting weary and worn out.”

“And what way is the direction of the Wind, the Spirit?”

“The Spirit is the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it blows in the direction of the holy, and blows against the direction of the unholy. Now try something else. Turn around and walk back, the same way you came.”

So I did. I was now walking in the direction of the wind’s blowing.

“And what was that like?” he asked.

“It was much easier,” I said.

“That’s because there was no drag,” he said. “You were walking in the direction of the wind. And the wind helped you walk. It moved you ahead. It made your walking easier. So when you walk against the wind, it creates drag. But if you turn around, then the wind gives you power. So it is with the Spirit. If you turn, if you change your course, if you repent, if you walk in the Spirit, then the drag will dissappear. Then the Spirit will empower you and will move you forward. And then everything you do, that you must do, will become easier.”

So if you walk in the Spirit,” I said, “life will go from being a drag to a breeze.”

“Yes,” said the teacher. “For those who walk in the Spirit, the Wind is at their back.”

The Mission: What part of your life is against the direction of the Spirit? Today, turn it around and start walking with the Wind at your back.

(Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn)

Killer on the Loose!

The stench of dead bodies lined up by the riverside nauseated Detective Ivy as the horror of what she saw flushed her cheeks. There were about 5 dead bodies her team had dug up and by the look of it, it was going to be a long day as more bodies were discovered. So far, all victims were women, all having their left hands severed and butchered from their shoulders; the missing parts not discovered yet. The thought of a serial killer on the loose clouded her thoughts with fear, trepidation and premonition of worse things to happen. These victims could have been dead for 3 days or more, her own speculation of course, until she gets the specifics from the coroner’s office.

The wind was stiff and air stank. The area was cordoned by crime-scene tapes and barricades, in order to protect the crime scene from intruders even though there was less likelihood of any. The surroundings, prima facie, looked deserted and abandoned.

A Herculean task was now ahead of her because the only witness she had was a trail biker in his 40s who rode over some fingers which were sticking out from the ground and rang the police. Any answer to the thousands of questions in her head would have to be answered by these dead unfortunate victims, murdered and buried by an unknown serial killer who is still on the loose.
(To be continued)

Daily Prompt: Wind

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When the Wind Beckons

I hear its voice calling
The voice of the wind calling

“Come away with me, child
Soar with me thy gentle guide
Let my breeze caress thy soft smooth skin
Away you would fly with a dancing spin
Let the echoes of my song fill thee with sheer delight
As you glide and skim on the wings of the wind tonight
Up above, away and beyond in distant spheres unknown
With eerie tales of giant and aliens, galaxies and clones
Come child, ride on the clouds- thy fluffy gallant steeds
They stand still, awaiting thy command O royal seed”

And off I ran into the arms of the wind not thinking twice
Lest its voice fades faster than the throw of a dice
Come along dear friend, respond to the wondrous clarion calls
When the wind beckons! When freedom calls!

Daily prompt: Smooth, Giant