Z – Zealousness with a Zing #AtoZ 2018


What is life
When there’s no passion?
When there’s no desire?
When there’s no zing?
Whatever we find our hands to do
Wherever life takes us
If we search deep within,
There’s always something to be blessed about it
An opportunity to bless others
And when you find that thing
Be zealous about it
Infuse your passion and zing in there
Share your joy to the world
For us to show everyone that
There’s always a silver lining
Behind every cloud,
We need to live everyday with some…

Zealousness with a zing

#atoz challenge

#virtues, vices & stuff


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And with this, I’ve come to the end of this year’s April’s A to Z series. Thank you everyone who was with me throughout the journey. This was my first time of participating and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn’t have any theme initially but as it progressed, I found a theme which I enjoyed researching about. Surfing through dictionaries, thesaurus and countless adjectives, trying to find the perfect match. It was fun! Through these series, I’ve learnt various new words and vocabs. I’m truly astonished as how I found instant inspiration for each letter. To my bewilderment, I didn’t struggle at all.

Anyway, see you all next year when we start another series. 🌹🌹


It’s Time To Dream…

Let us,
Cast away that comfort blanket
Cast away our fears
Cast away the inundating inertia
Cast away the pain

Let us,
Step into our God given purpose
Step into our destinies
Step into our dreams and aspirations
Take a step of faith

Let us,
Embrace our inner selves
Embrace our uniqueness
Embrace our strengths
Embrace our inner zings

It is time to Dream, to Desire and to Achieve.

Every idea, every project, every dream can be achieved.

Daily Prompt: Blanket

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Good Morning to You.

Good Morning
Good morning to life
Good morning to hope
Good morning to healing
Good morning to new dreams
Good morning to new horizons
Good morning to new opportunities
Good morning to new zeal, zest and zing
Good morning to creativity and new ideas
Good morning to beauty and blessings
Good morning to love and be loved
Good morning to a brand new day
Good morning to joy and peace
Good morning to not giving up
Good morning to not quitting
Good morning to freedom
Good morning to you

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My Beautiful One

Wonderful, adorable, my precious wife,
God blessed my life the day I met you,
Excelling and the best, my leading lady,
Virtuous and noble; pure with a sweet heart,
Everything about you is beautiful.

You are beautiful
You are gorgeous
My best friend
My Wonder Woman
You are beautiful
You are gorgeous
My sweet wife
My soulmate
Everything about you is beautiful

As I renew my vows to you today before everyone,
I pledge my commitment and faithfulness once again,
It’s been 10 years with you my rare gem,
Forever, till death part us, it shall be,
Because, everything about you is beautiful.

Daily Prompt: Renewal

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Be God’s Original


Not a copycat but the original
Not a fake beans but the real jeans
Not an imitator but an originator
That’s who God made you to be

You are unique,
You are different,
There’s only one you in the whole wide world.

Only you with that specific smile,
Only you with that peculiar face.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Some may bear the same name as you,
Another may be your twin,
Some may dress the same like you
Another may even talk like you
But, they are not you

Learn from others but add your zing to it.
Learn from them but modify yours with your own specialty
Put your own label on it.
And own your copyright
Be not inefficient

God did not copy and paste you,
He moulded and fashioned you
With a top secret, personalised, use-only-once specifications.
You are God’s original, not a copycat.

Don’t downgrade yourself,
Be God’s original and not a copycat


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